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Fly Storage - Other Brands

fishpond_sushiroll_SM Fishpond Sushi Roll !
The Fishpond Sushi Roll is our own unique and innovative solution for a conveniently sized carry system to protect and store streamer flies for easy viewing and selection

fly_stand_sm_wide.jpg Fly Stand Set
You've seen them at shows, now you can display your own flies. Set of 3 stands - assorted colors. Heavy-resin base (over 0.6oz), multi-strand twisted wire post, and aggressive clip. They will hold even big saltwater flies.

orvis_dropper_rig_box.jpg Orvis Dropper Rig Fly Box
Access your prepared nymph rigs easier with these fly fishing boxes.

umpqua_boat_boxSM Umpqua Boat Box
Heavy duty Fly boxes with Internal and external foam.
Thick, durable foam features fly placement guides to easily identify where the slots are located
Available in 3 sizes:
Baby - 10 x 8 x 3 in
Ultimate - 13.75 x 10 x 3.5 in
Magnum - 16 1/2 in x 12 in x 4 1/2 in

simms_acc_foam_fly_box.jpg Simms Foam Fly Box
An update to the popular foam fly box, our Foam Fly Box features next generation foam for durable fly storage. 6” x 4” x 1.5”

simms_acc_patch_fly_box_sm.jpg Simms Patch Fly Box
A unique foam fly box with a hook back to quickly attach the box to your vest, your waders or your rain jacket fly patch. Quick, easy & so convenient. Just under 4" x 3" x 1"

simms_acc_foam_boat_patch.jpg Simms Foam Boat Patch
The 5” x 9” Foam Boat Patch works just like an oversized open fly box with the added bonus of a magnetic “fly catcher”. Simply mount the patch on the inside of your boat, canoe, etc.

orvis_lightweight_floating_fly_box.jpg Orvis Lightweight Floating Fly Boxes
Indestructible, floatable fly boxes. Up to 75% lighter than other boxes. Damaged, they pop back into shape. Ripple/flat foam.

***If has this product priced lower, we WILL MATCH the Orvis price!***
millstream_boatpatch_sm.jpg Millstream Boat Patch
One of our most popular products! The Ripple and Flat Boat Patches take some of the hassle out of boat or canoe fishing. It works just like an oversized 12"x15" fly box… simply mount it on the inside gunnel of your boat or canoe using the adhesive backing. We've been told they're also great for trucks, fly-tying benches and as custom-cut liners for odd-sized and wooden fly boxes.

spirit_river_perfect_hook_box.jpg Spirit River Perfect Model-21 Hook Box
The Perfect 21 is the industry standard hook and bead box with its curved bottom for easy removal of product.

spirit_river_pro_hook_box.jpg Spirit River Pro Model Hook Boxes
Big compartments keep hooks organized on trips or at the bench. Tight-fitting lid guarantees hooks won't drift to other compartments. Curved compartment bottoms for easy hook removal. Also great for storing beads, blades, etc.

gamakatsu_flybox_foam Gamakatsu G Box Foam Fly Box !
Strong, durable, plastic boxes with single snap tight latch. Foam insert.
Dimensions: 10" x 7.5" x 1.1"

gamakatsu_flybox_3200 Gamakatsu G Box 3200 Fly Box !
Strong, durable, plastic boxes with single snap tight latch. 3 horizontal sections with dividers included.
Dimensions: 8.1" x 5.7" x 1.6"

gamakatsu_flybox_3600 Gamakatsu G Box 3600 Fly Box !
Strong, durable, plastic boxes with single snap tight latch. 6 vertical sections with dividers included.
Dimensions: 10.8" x 7.4" x 1.7"

fly_sleeve.jpg Plastic Fly Sleeves
the perfect protection for your fresh or saltwater flies. No more bent or twisted flies.
2mm thickness is thick enough to hold, but thin enough to see the flies inside
100 bags per pack - we kept the ziploc so you don't have to worry about them falling out. Or you can cut it off to make it just a sleeve.

box_new_phase_fly_management_sm On The Fly - Fly Management System
6 Fly cups (2.5" round) inside a handy holder. Helps with managing flies and leaders!

millstream_nubbytack.jpg Millstream Nubby/Tack Fly Patch
You'll never have to wrestle your flies out of a wool fly patch again.
The Nubby/Tackฎ Fly Patch takes the design of the original Fly Patch and adds Nubby/Tack to the mix. It will hold any fly – even barbless – securely and will never wear out. You can make a good thing better!

millstream_ripplepatch_sm.jpg Millstream Ripple Fly Patch
You'll never have to wrestle your flies out of a wool fly patch again.
Mill Stream's Ripple Foam Fly Patch is the original foam fly patch, made of high-density, closed-cell ripple foam and manufactured in the USA. A state-of-the-art clip attaches securely, without damaging clothing. The plastic backing card has a handy knot chart.

finn_utility_jacobs_wallet Finn Utility Jacob's Wallet
Holds 6 leaders in three pockets along side your flies. A simple all-in-one wallet for your fishing needs.

finn_utility_shearling_visor_holder Finn Utility Shearling Visor Holder
Have your flies within an arm's reach wherever the road takes you. Fits visors 10" wide or less.

finn_utility_streamer_wallet.jpg Finn Utility Streamer Wallet
A great alternative to plastic cases.

vedavoo_arc_fly_pack Vedavoo ARC Fly Pack
A home for flies until they make it back in the box with two pocket to stash trash line and a bottle of brush-on floatant. Works with any ARC ACCESSORY READY packs or can be worn off your belt.
4 x 6 x .75 in

anglers_image_slit_foam_fly_patch Anglers Image Slit Foam Fly Patch
2.5" x 3" slit foam fly patch. Same foam as in the ultra thin fly boxes. Pin-on design.

Orvis_tacky_fly_box_sm Orvis Tacky Dropper Box !
Spend less time guessing and more time fishing with this innovative dropper fly box.
7"L x 3พ"W x 1ผ"D. Holds 240 flies total.

Orvis_Delux_tacky_fly_box_sm Orvis Tacky Deluxe Fly Box !
This large fly box holds 336 flies while taking up less space than conventional fly boxes.
7"L x 3พ"W x 1"D.

tacky_Predator_fly_box_SM Tacky Predator Fly Box !
While the Big Bug Box is great for smaller streamers, sometimes you just need something bigger. The Predator Box is exactly what it sounds like, a box for the BIG stuff!
11″ x 6″ x 1.5“ - 21 oz