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For Simms Sizing: S (W's 4-6), M (W's 6.5-10, M's 5-8.5), L (W's 105-12.5, M's 9-12.5), XL (M's 13-15)

simms_s_wading_sock.jpg Simms Wading Sock
Yellowstone National Park sees more than 3 million gawking civilians a season. The good news is there’s more than 1,000 miles of untrammeled trail to seek solace. When it’s time push past the concrete, wrap your favorite feet in the full cushioning of this best-in-class Wading Sock. Premium Merino wool retains warmth and wicks moisture with aplomb, while the 11-inch overall leg length—slightly shorter than the ExStream™ Sock—reduces weight and makes for prime packability.

Limited Stock from Simms
simms_s_wet_wading_sm Simms - Wet Wading Sock
There’s a time and a place for waders. But summer on the carp flats of Fort Peck, Montana, ain’t it. Simms’ Wet Wading Sock is a stomp into the soup essential, featuring hydrophobic polypropylene fibers that repel water molecules and a smooth flat-toe seam and arch support for precise fit and enhanced circulation.

Limited Stock from Simms
simms_s_exstream_wading_2013.jpg Simms ExStream Wading Sock
Reboot your dogs in socks that’ll save your soles. Simms’ ExStream™ Wading Socks feature a fully cushioned fit—specifically designed for wading—and set the bar high with a premium Merino wool blend that keeps feet ultra-warm and odor-free. Additional features include an ample 16-inch leg length for over-the-top protection, when cold weather performance counts.

Limited Stock from Simms
simms_s_liner_sock_sm Simms Liner Sock
Simms’ intuitive Liner Sock works in conjunction with wool layers, driving moisture out for dry, warm feet within. Features include an advanced fabric collaboration of ultraspun polyester, nylon, and spandex stretch, while the ribbed cuff and flat toe seam reduce bulk and bolster comfort.

Limited Stock from Simms
simms_s_guardsock_sm Simms Guard Sock
Step up your wet-wading regime in Simms’ new go-anywhere Guard Socks, with built-in gravel guards and bolstered abrasion resistance
Color: Black w/Olive

simms_s_neoprene_wading_sock_sm Simms Neoprene Wading Sock
From high-gradient headwaters to storming the tepid flats of St. Brandon’s Atoll, Simms’ next-generation Neoprene Wading Socks are fine-tuned for performance across a swath of environmental alter egos. With an improved anatomical fit that contours to the shape of your foot, socks feature 2.5mm breathable, odor-fighting airprene in the underfoot and a neoprene jersey upper that keeps feet warm in cooler water.

chota_sock_hippies_sm Chota Hippies Convertible Wading Socks
The Hippies feature a 3mm neoprene stocking foot attached to a three ply breathable laminate upper with an adjustable draw string at the top for a secure fit at any height.

chota_ns300 Chota Gaiter Socks
The unique design of this 3mm neoprene sock provides a contour fit with no extra bulk.

simms_guide_light_weight_bugstopper_sock_SM Simms Guide Lightweight BugStopper Sock !
Lightweight, insect-fishing socks you can rock on and off the river

simms_guide_thermal_OTC_sock_SM Simms Guide Thermal OTC Sock !
Premium Merino socks.

simms_guide_wet_wading_sock_SM Simms Guide Wet Wading Sock !
Submersible socks with quick-drying, hydrophobic superpowers

wetsox_therms_black_round_toe_SM Wetsox Therms Black Round Toe Wading Socks
It’s been said that getting in and out of a wetsuit and boots is the worst part of getting in and out of the water- especially when it’s cold outside. Enter WETSOX THERMS. Our products are designed to get you both INTO and OUT OF your wetsuit and wetsuit boots in seconds by eliminating the friction between you and your gear- with the added benefit of an extra +1mm of insulation where you need it most.

Special orders may take 2 - 4 weeks