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Brodin Nets

Whether you view a landing net as just another tool or a piece of equipment of which to be proud, Brodin offers a complete line of nets to meet your needs.

We are pleased to announce that all of our Phantom, Ghost Trout and Firehole models will now be fitted with our eco-clear net bags. These are softer and more pliable than the imported net bags. They are made exclusively for us in the USA and are the only PVC free net bags on the market. Replacement bags are also available.

Phantom nets are economically priced versions of our ghost nets. We are using wood from trees that are considered invasive species in Costa Rica. Both the handle wood-grevillia- and the bow wood-eucalyptus- are species introduced from Australia. Luckily they are well suited for making a strong and functional net. Net Clip included!

brodin_phantom_cutthroat Brodin Phantom Cutthroat Net
$85.00 Be the first one to write a review
~ 24" overall length
~ 11.75" by 16" opening

For all around stream fishing this net is an excellent choice and will accommodate fish to 20".

815948741sm Brodin Phantom Trout
$85.00 Be the first one to write a review
A great all around net that is easy to carry. It will handle fish to 18".
22" overall length
9" by 13" hoop
9" handle

815948642sm Brodin Phantom Gallatin
$90.00 Be the first one to write a review
For general trout fishing this is the best all around net in a catch and release style.
24.5" overall length
8.75" by 17.25" hoop
Fitted with our eco-clear net bag

brodin-frying-pan-net-sm Brodin Phantom Frying Pan
$110.00 Be the first one to write a review
This net has a generous size opening but is still easy to carry. For fish to 28"
26" overall length
12.75" by 18.00" hoop
Fitted with our eco-clear net bag