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Mystic M-Series Rods

Our flagship line of fly rods that earned Mystic a reputation for delivering performance driven, high value, premium fly rods. Using a blend of the highest quality, multi-modulus, carbon fiber and a proprietary resin system; Mystic took fly rod design to a whole new level. M-Series rods are engineered to load well into the mid sections of the blank while at the same time having a very quick recovery rate. What does this mean for you? It means this M-series has the rare ability to cast well at close range with finesse and delicacy; as well as launch a fly to the other side of the river. The components of the M-series is first class from top to bottom. Featuring titanium quad leg stripping guides, Premium grade cork, light wire stainless snake guides, alignment dots, and the kind of craftsmanship Mystic is known for.

  • Strong, lightweight rod tube made from a blend of the highest quality, multi-modulus, carbon fiber and a proprietary resin system
  • Perfectly balanced blank with a uniform spine
  • Designed to load well into the mid section of the blank and recover quickly
  • Medium to fast action options
  • Seven line weight options
  • Unique rod seat drilled out on the top and bottom and cutaway on the sides, with aluminum on the exterior and a solid maple burl inlay underneath
  • Three inches longer than usual with robust butt section
  • Titanium quad leg stripping guides
  • Light wire stainless snake guides
  • Aluminum tube caps
  • Knurled winding check
  • Premium grade cork, tight and free of blemishes
  • Two nuts with o-rings and scored grips for securing the reel
  • Two stripping guides on the five weight, an unusual bonus
  • Alignment dots
    Attention to detail; e.g. screw cap on tube is lined with foam to protect the rod; o-ring to keep out moisture; rod specs next to alignment dots for easy reference if needed

  • Only when you have the best fly fishing rod available in your hands can you truly appreciate its value. The benefits of Mystic M-Series fly rods are immediately obvious, including the ability to:
  • Cast well at close range with finesse and delicacy
  • Handle heavy line, leader and flies
  • Launch a fly to the other side of the river.
  • Protect from dampness with functional o-ring
  • Track perfectly resulting in highly accurate casts
  • Sink lines all the time

    Mystic flyrods are not just performance driven. The added bonus is their beautifully artistic, streamlined appearance. You’ll have the best looking fly rod on the water!

    All rods come with a Lifetime Warranty and are packaged in a Cordura tube. They run from 2 to 8 weight, and the 2wt won an international shootout against 21 other rods and 13 manufacturers!

  • mystic_m_series_4_5wt
    Mystic M-Series M-583-4
    $469.00 Be the first one to write a review
    Line Weight: 5
    Length: 8'3"
    Sections: 4
    Action: Fast
    Best for: Dry Flies & Nymphing

    Mystic M-Series M-593-4
    $499.00 Be the first one to write a review
    Line Weight: 5
    Length: 9'3"
    Sections: 4
    Action: Fast
    Best for: Large Dry Flies & Streamers

    Tuned Tip Technology (T3) -
  • Are you tired of your broom handle?

  • Sure a broom handle makes you look like a stud when you get that extra 10 feet on the casting pond. The real question is “When did that broom handle give to allow that chrome-sided wonder that just took your egg pattern for a spin 30 yards downstream?" Or better yet, when did that brown trout, tucked in along that fallen cedar care about your extra 10 feet?
  • T3 Rods Perform Better

  • T3 enhanced rods perform just as well as your broom handle and better. Not only do they load better, their tips are refined shock absorbers for your lightest tippets. Our Tuned Tip Technology provides a safer hook-up with maximum fish fighting capabilities Don’t just take our word for it though, go test drive one for yourself. Get with your local dealer and ask for a Mystic Rod with T3.
  • Back to the beginning

  • We spent two years perfecting the Tuned Tip Technology. Our mission was to build the perfect rod that would produce all the butt fighting power you need, yet protect the lightest tippets on the hook set.