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Wiley X by Protective Optics was born in 1986 to produce shatterproof eye gear for U.S. Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide.

Shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses define the ballistic qualities of our many styles. Some models have been tested to withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away helping us to gain not only national but international notoriety. Because we've produced such a reliable, trustworthy product over the years, we're currently a standard issue item with the FBI., D.E.A., Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces.

In 1990, the President and co-founder of Wiley X by Protective Optics began to take the company in a different direction. He started to focus on the need for good, quality, shatterproof eye gear in various retail markets where "impact resistance" is most important.

Wiley X has since taken a vigorous approach to promoting and advertising in these markets and has gained tremendous recognition supplying eyewear accessories to custom motorcycle shops, general sporting goods, fishing, sports shooting, golf, sunglass and extreme sports retailers across the country to name a few. The impact made in these industries alone has helped us establish our name as an up and coming force in the retail world at large.


We spent the last two years developing one of the most sophisticated Polarized lines, for both Casual and Active customers alike. We've taken basic polarized lens technology to a whole new level. By combining our new Filter 8™ Polarized film with Violet 4™ Anti-Reflective and Slick™ Hydophilic coatings, we have maximized visual performance. Our new Seal-Tek™ technology allows the user to seal his / hers eye's while fishing, boating, or doing anything active. This "Clear Eye Housing" allows the user to perform at their best and not be distracted by reflections or the environment. Remove the seal and you have a great pair of shades in any casual setting. Try a pair and see the difference.

wileyx_active_series_P17_sm WileyX - Active Series P-17
Fits Head Sizes: M - L
Includes T-Peg strap, Leash Cord, Small Black Zippered Case , Cleaning Cloth
Non-slip rubberized temples & nose piece

wileyx_active_series_slay WileyX - Active Series Slay
Fits Head Sizes: M
Leash Cord, L:arge Black Zippered Case , Cleaning Cloth
Non-slip rubberized temples & nose piece

wileyx_active_series_lantern_sm WileyX - Active Series Lantern
Fits Head Sizes: M - L
Leash Cord, Small Black Zippered Case , Cleaning Cloth
Non-slip rubberized temples & nose piece

wileyx_active_series_zen_sm WileyX - Active Series Zen
Fits Head Size: S - M
Leash Cord, Med Black Zippered Case , Cleaning Cloth
Secure non-slip Rubberized fit