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Hardy SDSL Reels

A stunning addition to the Hardy Saltwater reel line up. The SDSL series of reels is fully machined from barstock 6061 Alloy featuring a fully sealed Carbon fibre disc drag system capable of generating up to 16lb of pressure controlled by a 340 degree colour coded regulator. An incredibly strong yet maintenance free reel the SDSL is also lightweight for long days on the water and features a stunning Silver and Blue colour scheme and Captive spool release system

  • Full Barstock 6061 construction
  • Fully sealed saltwater safe drag system
  • Carbon Fibre disc drag system
  • Colour coded 340 degree drag regulator
  • hardy_sdsl_sm Hardy SDSL 6000 #6/7/8 Reel
    WF8+200 (20lb Dacron)
    Weight: 8.6oz

    hardy_sdsl_spool Hardy SDSL #6/7/8 Spare Spool
    WF8+200 (20lb Dacron)

    hardy_sdsl_sm Hardy SDSL 8000 #8/9/10 Reel
    WF10+190 (30lb Dacron)
    Weight: 9.2oz

    hardy_sdsl_spool Hardy SDSL #8/9/10 Spare Spool
    WF10+190 (30lb Dacron)

    hardy_sdsl_sm Hardy SDSL 10000 #10/11/12 Reel
    WF12+250 (30lb Dacron)
    Weight: 11.5oz

    hardy_sdsl_spool Hardy SDSL #10/11/12 Spare Spool
    WF12+250 (30lb Dacron)

    hardy_sdsl_sm Hardy SDSL 12000 #12+ Reel
    WF14+250 (30lb Dacron)
    Weight: 12.9oz

    hardy_sdsl_spool Hardy SDSL #12+ Spare Spool
    WF14+250 (30lb Dacron)