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Accessories - Magnifiers & Readers

light_mageyes_magnifier_sm.jpg MagEye's Magnifier
A hands-free head-mounted magnifier. Features a 1.6X and a 2.0X lens, and it works well with our with-out prescription glasses. One size fits all.

light_mageyes_replacement_lens_sm.jpg Mag Eye's Replacement Lens for Magnifier
working distance of 4"-7"

light_mageyes_hateyes_sm.jpg Mag Eye's Hat Eyes
Hat Eyes magnifier - stainless steel construction with high-grade optical quality acrylic binocular lens. Attaches to the brim of caps, hats, sun-visors, etc. and goes where you go. Store under your cap brim when not in use.

light_flip_focal1_sm.jpg Flip Focal
Don't bother changing glasses or removing sunglasses.
Flip-Focal is an optical aid that's in a convenient place when you need it. Use it's magnification for sharpening hooks, tying on flys or attaching lures and terminal tackle. Improved for saltwater use.

flex_spex_sm Flex Spex Original
Seeing is essential; it doesn't need to be complicated. The most versatile and easy-to-use magnifying lenses available, Flex Spex are adjustable reading glasses that feature a magnetic connection along the bridge of the nose, allowing you to quickly place them where you need them. Sturdy clips at the end of each stem hook firmly to the brim of your cap or the stems of your sunglasses.

flex_spex_case_sm Flex Spex w/Case
Bring comfort into focus with our adjustable reading glasses.

stonfo_magnifying_glass Stonfo Magnifying Glass
Fits on any 3/8 vise stem and is perfect for our aging eyes.

light_giraffe_2x_rimless_magnifier.jpg Giraffe 5" Rimless Magnifier
Replacement magnifier lens or lens + Polyvinyl-coated goose neck
Magnifier price does not include mount - please choose from: Single Clamp, Double Clamp, Vertical Mount, or Horizontal Mount (see lower on page for details)
3 lbs

Read about available mounts here
light_giraffe_lamp_magnifier_double_cclip_sm Giraffe Lamp Head on Double Mount C-Clamp with Magnifier
Giraffe Lamp Head + 5" Rimless Magnifier mounted on a dual C-Clip.
4 models available.
30 lbs

Bulb Not Included
light_giraffe_c_clamp_mount Giraffe C Clamp Mounts
Helps make more room on your tying surface by keeping your Giraffe light and/or magnifier out of the way.