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Accessories - Lights & Lamps

orvis_quarrow_clip_on_cap_light.jpg Quarrow Waterproof Clip-On LED Cap-Light
Keep fishing. Clip this LED flashlight onto your cap brim and you have light at your fingertips anytime. Great for low-light fishing and fishing at dusk and dawn. Waterproof LED's 90บ vertical flexibility. 360บ horizontal flexibility. Easy switch between 2- or 4-LED mode. 48,000 mcd lumination. Clip on LED flashlight comes with 2 lithium batteries installed and 2 extra included. Not intended for saltwater use.

regal_flytie_light_SM Regal Daylight Smart Lamp
The Regal Daylight fly tying light is a great lamp that helps you see every detail while fly tying. It comes equipped with Daylight LEDs, is low heat, lightweight and portable!

streamworks_hat_light_plus.jpg Streamworks Hatlight Plus
Clip-on articulating LED head focuses light where you need it. Low profile design won't block your view

nebo_Larry_light_sm Nebo Larry LED Light
outputs 170 lumens of intense C•O•B light
features rotating magnetic clip and the reinforced plastic body design is water and impact-resistant

neboheadlamp_SM Nebo DUO 250+ Lumen Headlamp !
The NEBOฎ DUO Headlamp is an all-powerful, hands-free lighting solution. The light from the 250-lumen power LED has a spot beam distance of 122 meters. Its signature 2 strip C•O•B design fully illuminates your immediate area with its wide flood beam. The DUO Headlamp is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof.

light_giraffe_lamp_head.jpg Giraffe Lamp Head on 28" Flex Neck
Perfect accessory to your existing magnification system, or to build and customize your Giraffe system.
Lamp price does not include mount - please choose from: Single Clamp, Double Clamp, Vertical Mount, or Horizontal Mount (see lower on page for details)
10 lbs

Read about available mounts here
Bulb Not Included
light_giraffe_lamp_magnifier_double_cclip.jpg Giraffe Lamp Head on Double Mount C-Clamp with Magnifier
Giraffe Lamp Head + 5" Rimless Magnifier mounted on a dual C-Clip.
4 models available.
30 lbs

Bulb Not Included
light_giraffe_96_sm.jpg Giraffe Lamp Head on Steel Deck with Magnifier
Giraffe Lamp Head + 5" Rimless Magnifier mounted on a 12" x 18" steel deck.
4 models available.
30 lbs

Bulb Not Included; Expedited shipping may not be possible
light_giraffe_bulb.jpg Giraffe Light Replacement Bulb
Color Corrected Full Spectrum Balanced Beam Halogen Bulb 60 watt

loon_uv_mini_lamp_sm.jpg Loon - UV Mini Lamp
This ingenious device allows the use of Loon Outdoors UV products indoors. No need for sunlight when using UV Knot Sense indoors or out. The UV Mini Lamp is also great for charging items that glow-in-the-dark. Batteries included.

loon_uv_powerlight_sm.jpg Loon - UV Power Light
Now the power is in your hands with the UV Power Light. This powerful UV light is perfect for curing Loon’s UV products either individually or at a volume rate. Now with a push button on/off, tying just got a lot quicker and easier. Uses one AA battery.