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Fly Rod Holders

i_fly_rail_mount I Fly - Rail Mount
This rod holder was designed by a fly fisherman for a fly fisherman. The cap features a built in locking action that insures your rod will stay in the holder under adverse conditions.
The rail mount system allows you even more options for where you want to mount your rod holder.
Fits rails 7/8" to 1" in diameter. (also available in larger size for 1 1/8" - 1 1/4")

i_fly_hard_mount I Fly Hard-Mount Rod Holder
Made of corrosion resistant materials with stand offs included allowing the holder to be mounted on almost any surface.

i_fly_suction_cup_sm I Fly Suction Cup Rod Holders
The rod holder that you can take with you that will secure you rod on any almost any smoothe "DRY" nonporous surface. Large 4" diameter suction cups hold the weight of even the largest rod and reel combinations.

Great for the angler going out of the country where most boats do not have fly rod holders or for the fisherman without a boat of your own and have friends boats that they fish on.


i_fly_tip_holder_sm I Fly Rod Tip Holder
Easy way to stip the rod tip from bouning around. 4 options to choose from.

i_fly_kayak_flush_mount_sm I Fly - Kayak Flush Mount
You asked for it, we took awhile to get it right, but here it is! The mount allows for full movement; set it to the side for trolling, tips down and flush for long runs and up and ready to go for running and gunning! Simply mount to the kayak with 4 screws.

i_fly_kayak_scotty_mount_sm I Fly - Kayak Scotty Mount
You asked for it, we took awhile to get it right, but here it is! The iFly rod holder for a "Scotty" mount. Many popular kayak models already come with Scotty mounts as OEM or can be easily installed. This rod holder allows for full movement; set it to the side for trolling, tips down and flush for long runs and up and ready to go for running and gunning!

i_fly_boga_buddy_sm I Fly Boga Buddy
I got tired of looking all over the boat for my Boga Grip when I needed it so here's a thirty pound and sixty pound "Boga Grip" holder with suction cups.
  • 30 lb - $10.95
  • 60 lb - $14.95

  • i_fly_sand_spike_sm I Fly Sand Spike
    For the shore bound angler or the fly rodder that likes to take more than one rod out on the flats in search of stripers or whatever fish you are stalking here is a rod holder and sand spike combination.

    scotty_265_fly_rod_holder Scotty Fly Rod Holder
    This innovative compact design allows free trolling with a fly rod. It's fully adjustable and durable. The Fly Rod holder also includes a safety strap and combination deck/side mounting bracket.

    scotty_253_gimbal_mount Scotty Gimbal Mount
    Allows the use of Scotty rod holders with factory installed flush mounted rod holders.

    scotty_344_round_flush_duck_mount Scotty Round Flush Deck Mount
    Sealed base for watertight applications (such as kayak decks) with splash cover. For all Scotty post mount rod holders.
    Dimensions: 3 3/4” diameter
    Bolting Dimensions 2 3/16” x 2 3/16”

    scotty_266_float_tube_adapter Scotty Float Tube Adapter
    Mounting braces adjustable wrap-around straps and quick-release clips to use with your float tube or pontoon boat.

    smith_creek_rod_clip_sm Smith Creek Rod Clip
    Free your hands to change a fly, swap lures, bait up, or show off that trophy.

    tightlines_mag_rod_guard_x Tight Lines Magnetic Rod Guard
    This device keeps your rods from being blown to the ground or subjected to opening or closing doors or trunk lids.

    mangrove_cover_your_butt Springbrook Cover Your Butt Seat Cushions
    Patented design protects rod butts against dings and scratches. The caps turn any reel seat into a mini fighting butt. Precision molded in durable rubber for long wear and tear.
    3 per package

    mangrove_fighting_butt_cap Springbrook Removable Fighting Butt Caps
    A removable EVA foam butt cap that fits over a non-fighting butt reel seat for that fighting butt comfort.
    3 per package

    solo_mount_450_01_sm So-Lo Mount 450-01
    Customizable model offers secure grip.
    Will accommodate up to a 1 3/8” (1.375”) diameter

    solo_mount_450_02_sm So-Lo Mount 450-02
    Customizable model offers secure grip.
    Will comfortably grip items between 1/16” (.0625”) and 1” in diameter.

    solo_mount_450_03_sm So-Lo Mount 450-03
    Customizable model offers secure grip.
    Will comfortably grip items between  Ύ” (.75”) and 1” in diameter.

    solo_mount_450_04_sm So-Lo Mount 450-04
    Customizable model offers secure grip.
    Will comfortably hold items between Ύ” (.75”) and 1” in diameter.

    sportube_vacrac_combi Sportube Vac Rac Combi
    Using powerful magnetic and patented Vacuum-on-Demand technology, the Combi offers convenience and affordability while securely transporting fishing gear between spots on the river or up and down the beach.

    sportube_vacrac_quad Sportube Vac Rac Quad Rack
    With a striking new design, the Quad Rack features two small manually activated vacuum bases per base, which offers a greater margin of safety over single vacuum bases and more than adequate holding power.

    sportube_vacrac_pro_combi Sportube Vac Rac Pro Combi
    Twin support pillars for maximum rigidity. Ideal for vehicles with steel roof and hood.

    sportube_vacrac_pro_standard Sportube Vac Rac Pro Standard
    Twin support pillars for maximum rigidity. Fits all vehicles - Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

    sportube_vacrav_pillar Sportube Vac Rac Pillar Extension
    When you need more clearance for your bigger reels, the Pillar Extension gives you an additional 2.75" of clearance for your larger reels when using the Vac Rac Combi, Multi Vac and Quad Rack.

    sportube_case_support_bar Sportube Case Support Bar
    Acting as a third cross bar, giving an extra mounting point, the CSB uses a patented magnetic "Vacuum-on-Demand" base to securely, but not permanently attach to the vehicle.