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Thomas & Thomas DNA XF Rods

Extra fast action, dialed-in for scandi heads and tight loops.

Recommended for anglers who predominantly present flies near the surface, enjoy Scandinavian underhand ‘touch and go’ styles of casting, and also long distance overhead casting. The ‘extra fast’ design of the DNA XF flexes more in the upper sections and less into the butt of the rod and produces a crisp, sharp feel that is perfect for throwing floating and intermediate scandi heads for salmon and steelhead and overhead casting for stripers in the surf.

• Features: Natural, clear blank with black wraps and sky blue edging • American Tackle titanium stripping guides • Smoked Snake Brand guides • Newly designed, lightweight all clear anodized reel seat •

Thomas & Thomas DNA XF 1177-4 XF
Length: 11'7"
Line: 6/7wt 375-450 gr.
Pieces: 4

Thomas & Thomas DNA XF 1267-4 XF
Length: 12'6"
Line: 7wt 425-500 gr.
Pieces: 4

Thomas & Thomas DNA XF 1298-4 XF
Length: 12'9"
Line: 8wt 475-550 gr.
Pieces: 4

Thomas & Thomas DNA XF 1339-4 XF
Length: 13'3"
Line: 9wt 500-650 gr.
Pieces: 4