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U40 Rod Building

u40_ls-supreme_sm.jpg U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme
LS (Light Stable) Supreme is the final product in the evolvement of the LS series of rod finishes. It amounts to the cutting edge, the advanced state of the art of rod finishes.
Working Time: 30-45 min.
Cure Time: 4-6 hr.

u40_hibuild_ls-supreme_sm.jpg U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme “Hi-Build”
LS “Hi-Build” is designed to be a one coat rod finish regardless of the size and type of wrap.
2 oz

u40_permagloss_sm.jpg U-40 Perma Gloss
The ultimate one-part urethane rod finish. For those requiring a water clear, non-yellowing finish that will outlast the rod itself in durability.
Requires no Mixing, Dries Tack-Free in 1 hr, Usable in 8 hr
1 oz

u40_rodbond_sm.jpg U-40 Rod Bond
The rod builders adhesive designed by a rod builder engineer for rod builders.
Works on: Cork Rings - for custom handles
Reel Seats - metal, wood, composite, graphite
Ferrules - winding checks, hosels, butt caps, etc.
4 oz

u40_corkseal_sm U-40 Cork Seal
Cork Seal is designed to seal the surface of cork rod handles. Once it is dry, it will not allow another coat to penetrate. When applied, dirt, grime, salmon egg residue, ect., are easily washed off with soap and water.
2 oz bottle

u40_colorlock_sm U-40 Color Lock
Designed to compliment Perma Gloss. A water base compound which locks in the original color of the thread, it will even maintain the original luster of gold thread. Designed to compliment PERMA-GLOSS, but may be used under any finish.
1 oz