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Sage One Trout Spey Rods

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR TWO-HANDED CASTING AND SWINGING FLIES FOR TROUT. These ultra-light Spey rods are delicate enough to protect small flies on light tippets yet powerful enough to cast modestly weighted streamers on light sink tips. For steelhead and salmon anglers, these trout spey rods are a tool to keep casting in shape in the offseason. For the trout angler, the rods are another specialized tool to target trout and a great entry into the fun world of two-handed fishing.

  • Konnetic Technology®
  • Fast action
  • Black Ice blank color
  • Black thread wraps with Bronze trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Golden Bronze anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat
  • Super Plus cork mini-Spey fore grip and rear grip
  • Black rod bag with Light Black logo and model tag
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

    10.25" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip

    Recommended lines: 2wt = 200gr, 3wt = 250gr coupled with a small diameter running line, such as 25lb. RIO SlickShooter. Fished best using RIO Products’ Skagit Max Short Heads, Scandi Short Heads, or Skagit Trout Max Heads; paired with Spey Versileaders or Light MOW tips.

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  • sage_one_trout_sm
    Sage One Trout Spey 2109-4
    2 Weight
    4 Piece
    35 1/4" tube
    4 1/8 oz
    Designed specifically for two handed casting and swinging flies for trout. The 2109-4 is perfect for swinging soft hackles or skating dry flies with Scandi or Skagit lines. Target grain weight: 200.

    Sage One Trout Spey 3110-4
    3 Weight
    4 Piece
    36" tube
    4 3/8 oz
    Designed specifically for two handed casting and swinging flies for trout. The 3110-4 is the rod for swinging streamers to trout with Skagit lines and light sink-tips. Target grain weight: 250.

    Sage One Trout Spey 4116-4
    4 Weight
    4 Piece
    38" tube
    4 5/8 oz
    An ultralight switch rod for "half pound" steelhead or swinging flies for trout or smallmouth bass. Also a fine indicator rod for trout fishing.