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Seele Single-Hand Signature Series Fly Rods

These are the first Seele Fly Rods we developed, were the stimulus for founding Seele Fly Rods, and were the reason we developed the TruTech composite technology. Designing and building such rods was something we had long considered and was driven by our conviction of the need for them. Every Seele Signature rod is exceptional and perfectly designed and built for one specific reason, to be the best in its class.

Fast Full Flex-Action, Graphite, Spigot and Tip-over-Butt Ferrules

Seele Signature Series 10'0" 7wt
Length: 10'0"
Pieces: 4
Fast Full Flex-Action, Graphite, Tip-over-Butt Ferrules
Black REC Recoil stripping and REC Recoil snake guides, large Snake Brand tiptop
Scandi single hand 19 gram (290 grain) / Skagit 24 gram (370 grain) / WF7
The all around rod for the light/heavy division. When chasing Salmon, Steelhead, big Trout, Redfish, Bonefish, Stripers…..etc. this is your rod! Power Fast Full Flex-Action to make sure that you’ll get the distance for your next cast, the lifting power to control the fish without losing the feeling in the tips of your fingers to follow your instinct when catching your dream!