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Badfish SUP

Badfish is the product of a landlocked surfer building and testing boards for 4 years.

Badfish sup boards were born and raised in Salida, Colorado on the Arkansas River. Two whitewater kayaking guides, instructors, and competitors, Zack and Mike, were bored with sitting down while surfing river waves. Zack believed that he could rip the river waves on the Arkansas River like he did as a kid in San Diego if only he had the right tool.

After four years of brainstorming, prototyping and discovering SUP paddling, Zack and Mike created SUP boards that make stand up paddling on rivers and lakes more fun. Together, Zack and Mike diverse skills in design, engineering and construction with years of surfing and whitewater kayaking experience into revolutionary Badfish shapes.

badfish_badfisher Badfisher Stand Up Paddle Board
Gliding across the water you spot tailing fish on a flat, trout sipping emergers on a mountain lake or a lunker bass set up for an ambush next to a sunken log…there’s simply nothing like sneaking up on fish on a SUP board.

Fishermen have quickly realized the benefits of fishing from a SUP board: height, stealth and pure fun. Standing up tall on a SUP board allows you to spot fish earlier, quietly move into position and casting, hooking up and fighting a fish from a SUP board is about as much fun as fishing can be!

The Badfish/Boardworks MCIT inflatable SUP board has quickly become a popular platform for SUP fishing adventures. The Badfisher takes the proven stability and maneuverability of the MCIT and adds custom features that meet the needs of the growing population of SUP based fishermen, including increased width for stability while casting, fighting and landing fish, Scotty Paddlesports attachment plates and a variety of D rings for attaching crates and coolers.

Having an inflatable fishing platforms means there is no place you can’t take this craft: spring break with the family, fishing trip with your friends or an after work escape on a business trip…the Badfisher travels like no other fishing specific SUP. Keep the Badfisher on your boat for quick excursions into shallow bays and areas that hold fish, but can’t be reached with a larger craft or use the Badfisher as the ultimate adventure fishing platform to explore local waters in a new way.

~ length: 11′ ~ width: 39″ ~ Rails: 6″ ~ Standing Area: 4″ ~ Uses: Fishing, Running Rivers, Flat Water touring

Ground shipping is $50 inside the lower 48. We will contact you with actual costs if you need it faster or to another location.

Boardworks Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass 3pc Paddle
Featuring a twin-pin locking adjustment system ranging from 68" to 83" in 1.25-inch increments with the same great performance characteristics as the Carbon/Fiberglass 1 piece Hybrid. You can also remove the center section and it can be used as a 49" - 83" canoe or kid's paddle. Breaks down to 3 pieces for easy travel.
Range: Up to 83" - Blade:8.25" - Weight:1lb. 12oz.

Inflatable Board Care

The Multi-Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT) SUP board from Badfish and Boardworks Surf is a cutting edge inflatable SUP design built to last. With a basic level of care your MCIT will last a very long time.

  • Always inflate your MCIT to the recommended PSI (side tubes 7psi, drop stitch board 15psi). Do not over inflate the board.

  • When your board is going to be in the sun for a long period of time, bleed air out of each chamber and keep the black bottom facing down. Do not store your board in the sun for long periods of time.

  • Keep the air valves free of sand and dirt.

  • When you are going to store the board for long periods of time (over the winter) make sure to put the board away dry and out of the sun.

  • The 9″ center fin that comes with the board is intended for use in flatwater and the ocean. It is not appropriate for use in the river. Shorter fins can be purchased separately.