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Sell Fly Rod Warranty

Warranty and Repair!

Seele Fly Rods are under warranty to the registered original owner for life. This warranty covers any failure due to defects in material and/or workmanship.
Accidents or misuse are not covered under this warranty. If accident or misuse results in a broken section, Seele Fly Rods will repair or replace the part for a nominal fee.

Service charge all rods: $50!
Single Hand Rod tip overs: tips or mids $60 / butts $100! Single Hand Rod spigot ferrule: tips or mids $70 / butts $120! Switch Rods: tips or mids $75 / butts $125!
Double Handed Rod: tips or mids $100 / butts $200!
The Truth about Rod Warranties

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Unconditional lifetime warranties are not a good deal for anyone. When you purchase a rod with an unconditional “no questions asked” warranty, you are paying extra for that small group of customers who repeatedly break their rods from careless abuse. Simply put, these warranties result in inflated rod prices. The cost of warranty repairs and new replacement rods handed to careless customers needs to be factored into the rod prices by the manufacturer.

At Seele, we would sooner put the money you spend on our rods into R&D, taper design work, and the finest components than compensate careless anglers who abuse their equipment. We have come up with the Seele rod warranty which is very fair and will take care of you and your treasured Seele rod for life.