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Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Materials

protube_flexitube.jpg ProTube FlexiTube System
Pro Flexitube is a revolution within modern tubedesign. For the first time a tube is made in two dimensions but in one piece!
Lg 40/40

protube_nanotube.jpg ProTube Nanotube System
The Pro Nanotube is a smaller version of the Microtube - as a new feature and a worlds first we have added tungsten to the existing Nanotube.

protube_classic.jpg ProTube Classic System
Some flytiers want to create and cut their own tubes to desired lengths - and for them we have created the Pro Tube Classic.
Sm = 1.3mm; Med = 2.2mm; Lg = 3.2mm

protube_hookguide.jpg ProTube Hook Guides
These ultra strong “high stretch” silicone hook guides are designed for use with treble, double and single hooks.
Medium (Hooksize # 12-6) 12pc
Large (Hooksize # 6-2) 12pc
XLarge (Hooksize # 2-6/0) 8pc

protube_drop_weight.jpg ProTube Drop-weights
Pro Drop weight is designed for light summer flies when the water gets lower – let your creativity go loose...
Sm & Med: 10pc
Lg: 9pc

protube_flexiweight.jpg ProTube Flexiweights
Pro Flexiweights is designed for the Flexi and Classic tubes and is an level designed weight.

protube_raw_weight.jpg ProTube Raw Weights
The "Raw Weight" is weight in its purest form. 100% pure tungsten carbide is one of the heaviest substances on the planet.

protube_ultra_sonic_discs.jpg ProTube Pro Ultra SonicDisc
The latest disc design and the worlds first brass disc with venting holes.
Med: 9pc
Lg: 8pc

protube_soft_sonic_disc.jpg ProTube Soft SonicDisc
Discs of reinforced plastics these versatile discs are strong, light and very effective.
M: 8mm 9pc
L: 10mm 8pc

protube_pro_cone.jpg ProTube Pro Cones
A classic style conehead. Premium quality brass for adding weight to your fly.

protube_soft_head.jpg ProTube SoftHeads
No more sticky epoxy fingers and unnessary heavy flies when creating flies with baitfish style heads.
• XS: 4mm 11pc • S: 6mm 10pc • M: 8mm 9pc • L: 10mm 8pc •

protube_marblefox.jpg ProTube Marblefox
The number one hair material for salmon and steelhead flies period! Try it and we are sure you will agree with us.

protube_needles.jpg ProTube Tube Needles
If you don’t have a dedicated vice for tubefly tying, this is the tool for you. It is a flat conical needle to squeeze your tube on to, and then the tube is ready to be tied. Fits onto all tying vices with normal jaws.