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 WAZ as we’ll always remember him  Justin Crump from AEG Media poses with a Wahoo  65 lb Bluefin Tuna on the fly.  11 wt. Albright XX rod.  20 lb tippet. 12 minutes in the boat.  Ben Furimsky fishing solo- his biggest to date  Another of Lex’s beautiful Redfish photos
”Robert  another NY Racer  David Brameld is proud of this catch  A  medium sized rainbow out of the spring-creek.  It charged out from under the watercress on the opposite bank and scared the hell out of Bill Finaldi
 The next time you’re wading in your third world eco paradise stream or lake, just remember, your place in the food chain may get re-shuffled  OUCH  - Wire leader anyone  and Trout in NY
KAOS aka Russ with Coho at 25lb and 40 inches on the Salmon River  Terrance Boylan got in on the Northeasts INSANE albie action  Albie invasion !!!  And Scott got in on it too!
And of course Scott goes for our local favorite too – STRIPERS!  Gary gets a nice one OOOOHHHHHH What a pig! Warren smiles over his Striper on Capt LeClair’s Boat
Bill Hassan chasing Sailfish in Guatemala Sheila & Bill Hassan managed a twin sailfish landing – TFO Bluewater & Ross Momentum at work Bill & Sheila Double up again! And Bill with 1 more nice one
Dale Matthews on his annual Steelhead Trip And these are just 2 of the beauties he got Part 1 of Mike Johnstons great day bass fishing And part 2 is just as nice
HUGE Taimen on the fly in Mongolia Chris Jackson show the trophy 9lb 14oz Trout from Lake Taupo 2000 Healthy Holdover Jeff Soderholm got a smallie on some antique gear
Kaos has a 25# CoHo and the CoHo has a huge mouth Capt. Joe is looking pretty intense – what’s he fighting? And here’s the answer
and who knows what Scott is fighting Joel Swan gets in on the Albi action out of his Kayak Jay Merlin in out in the yak too PHOTO by DAVE SKOK – Bob Dunn earns an albie
Scott made it all the way to Tasmania!  and landed a few beautiful trout  Dan Southwick with an impressive pike  Dale Matthews nabs another striper
MA in September wading for Albacore Jim Cavanaugh got his first one on the fly  Here’s a closer look Farmington River Brown
Mikey Deloia in Labrador catching trout Mike Deloia in Labrador with a Brookie Davod Gobeille Celeste Gobeille
The famous Louie De does some serious bonefishing in Honolulu and he takes clients out for their share of the fun  Just another day in paradise Jim Jacques broke his rod, but not his Nautilus 12 in Costa Rica landing a 190 lb Tarpon
Tarpon fishing the Keys November 2007 not just fishing – actually landing a good size tarpon  Meanwhile Chris Rogers is freshwater fishing in FL and catching so of those gorgeous peacocks
Michael Byrnes landed this November Albie after 8 runs Ali Moayedi has a Prosek collection to envy  Fly Fishing Capetown South Africa November 2007 Capetown South Africa
Paul Rhodes on the Whaitahui River – Norht Island New Zealand - got a 5lb Rainbow while Nicole got another trout on a dry  Jake Correia using a Micky Finn to its fullest Jake Correia
Ross Kessler on his secret Bonefish Island Bonefish on the Fly  Now that’s a monster Bob Gimler grinning with a nice Steelhead

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