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Jim Teeny Fly Lines

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny T Series Lines
My original plan was to develop a one piece fly line with a sinking deep water express shooting head mated with a floating running line with our new “HPC” coating (high performance coating) that would be easy to cast and very strong. That it would be perfectly balanced and color coded so one could easily see when they could roll cast or pick the line up off the water at the optimum time for the easiest and best results. Because I live on the west coast, the lines were originally designed for fly fishing for salmon and steelhead on our west coast rivers and streams. Shortly after their introduction, it was apparent that many other fly anglers had their own ideas about other uses for the lines. In the salt for stripers, blue fish, halibut, bill fish, Tarpon and many others, all fell prey to the T - Series lines. Realistically, what the T - Series & Saltwater Series fly lines have done is open up new fisheries both fresh and saltwater. There is hardly a fish that we cannot go after and quite possibly land with a certain amount of luck.

90' (24' tip)