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The only picture we have of Scott with a Jack Mike Deloia shows off his Brookie  Mikey Deloia sporting some nice waders in Oak Orchard Mike J can’t resist the monster stripers
Scott Wessels – Bear’s Den Owner – Bob Popovic – noted fly tyer Scott and Lefty  now THAT is customer loyalty Longtail Tuna underwater
EJ with the first pike he ever caught on his first EP fly Chris Rogers with a 9lb largemouth in FL And with a couple Peacocks in the mix too Amanda Gustafson got a Mahi in Costa Rica
Bill Finaldi grabbed an Eagle Creek Brookie on Bamboo Chris with another fat fish Joel Swan in the Yak catching stripers and Blue Fin Tuna
Louie Labour Mene had just gotten his new TXL Hoping the 6ft 3in 3wt would take some trout And Louis was successful make that Very Successful
Now those are the pictures we love – the fish is still in the water! Dave Deitz shows off a nice striper Joel Brainard with a Bahama Bone Dec 2007 Dan Southwick braves the cold for a beautiful Male Salmon
Another large Male for Dan and as time went by, the fish got even bigger Willia Iannarelli first got a 21 inche Rainbow in Westfield MA Then topped it with a 24 inch
Bill Luce fishes in Arkansas catching a 17 in Rainbow and an 18 in Brown Daniel Eddy called in a sick day and was rewarded with the 30 incher full of eggs Certainly NOT on fly – Willamette River Sturgeon at 11ft 1in over 1000 lbs
Peter Cherrett fishing in Australia And landing a big Queenie Longtail Tuna And with the reel screaming again he lands another LongTail Tuna
Mike Deloia & Friends hit Profile Lake in New Hampshire Where these Gorgeous Brook Trout make you want to keep fishing
Bruce Bauman is casting at Bones And gets a nice one Nice FAT brown trout in the shallows of MA EJ with some type of striper hybrid
Back down in Florida EJ with a nice Snook Joe Le Clair was down there grabbing Snook too even Zach got in on the Snook action this spring Andy Walsh with a 12 lb Bonefish
Scott and Joe had a very successful run in FL this spring And Joe did his usual awesome job with the camera Bear’s Den Hat, Buff, and Hatch all in focus And so is the eye of that Tarpon!
Besides the Tarpon, Scott nabbed a Snook And so did Capt. Joe plus a Jack Crevalle
And Sea Trout and of course Redfish Jeff was in FL freshwater fishing catching Mayan Ciclid
Sharon Sigety and oh what a Rooster!! Dan Southwick slaying largemouth Jared Tompkinson chansing Browns Brown Trout in April
Bruce Bauman on a trip West Where you could see the trout more easily than you could catch them But Bruce always manages to land some beautiful fish And enjoy that scenery

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