NuCanoe Seating

The 360 Pinnacle Seat for the Frontier sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for all-day-long comfort, enables full range of motion motion for paddling and fishing, and is completely breathable. All that, and 360 Mobility!

360° Mobility
Turn your seat, not your kayak, to face the action. With the stability of the Frontier plus the adjustable seat back, you’ll be balanced and confident no matter which direction you are facing.

All Day Long Support
The dual-adjustable lumbar support on provides support where you need it, so you feel as good at the end of the day as when you launched.

Breathable Fabric
Literally see through, the high tech fabric will not absorb water and is completely breathable. Say goodbye to back sweat and wet seat bottoms.

XL Seat Bottom
Measuring 19” wide and 17” long, the seat bottom gives your legs room to move and keeps your hips from being squeezed.

All NuCanoe Accessories are 15% off. Discount will be added once order is placed.
Offer good November 19th to November 25th

nucanoe_360pinnical_seat_SM NuCanoe 360 Pinnacle Seat
Always face the action with the 360 Pinnacle Seat. In addition to 360 mobility, the 360 Pinnacle Seat features breathable fabric, XL seat bottom, and seat back angle/bottom tension/lumbar support adjustability. Includes Swivel Seat Mounting Kit.
Base not included


nucanoe_benchsest_SM NuCanoe Frontier Bench Seat
The Bench Seat base is a great seat for the occasional passenger or child. Made from Rotomolded polyethylene. Includes Freedom Track hardware.


nucanoe_capseat_SM NuCanoe Captains Seat
The Captain’s Seat is your ticket to comfort on the water. The sculpted padding and superior back support will ensure you’ll be feeling great after a long paddle or a full day of fishing.


nucanoe_exposeat_SM NuCanoe Expedition Seat
The Expedition Seat conforms to your back to provide good back support and comfort. With less padding than the other seats, it is a more contoured fit. It is great for fishing, paddling, and recreation.


NucanoeJuniorSeat_SM NuCanoe Junior Seat
Take along your favorite junior passenger in the Pursuit, Frontier 12, or Flint without sacrificing your clean open deck.