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Islander LX Series

The evolution of the Islander Reel is the LX. In our 17-year history, the LX is the finest reel that we have ever developed. Every aspect of the LX has been refined until there is little room for improvement.

The level of engineering skill in the design and manufacture of the LX becomes apparent the moment you pick one up. It's so light! The largest LX tips the scales a shade under 14 ounces, and that's for a reel meant to pack a WF15 fly line!

Next you will notice the aesthetic appeal, both visual and tactile. From the gently contoured palming rim to its highly polished stainless steel drawbar and counterweight. Not only does it do its job exceedingly well; it looks good doing it! The super-smooth "stop-a-truck" drag is provided by Islander's proven Teflon and graphite-impregnated cork drag disc. By turning the silky smooth frame-side adjustment knob, you can modify the drag to a setting that most suits your style.

The LX is Islander's top of the line. There is no finer fly reel on the market today.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All major components machined from solid bar stock aluminum and stainless steel
  • Frame-side drag adjustment knob
  • Hard-coat anodized 7075 aluminum clutch with a Teflon and graphite impregnated cork clutch surface
  • 3 sealed stainless steel bearings
  • Multiple spools (LX4.8 only)
  • Available in Anodized Black, Green, Slate, Gold, Clear
  • islander_LX34.jpg Islander LX3.4
    Line Weight: 6-7
    Weight: 5.9 oz
    Capacity: WF6F + 125 20#

    Islander LX3.4 Spare Spool
    Spool Diameter: 3.40"
    Spool Width: 0.785"
    Spool Volume: 4.39 cubic"
    Capacity: WF6F + 125 20#

    islander_LX36.jpg Islander LX3.6
    Line Weight: 7-8
    Weight: 6.2 oz
    Capacity: WF7F + 175 20#

    Islander LX3.6 Spare Spool
    Spool Diameter: 3.60"
    Spool Width: 0.785"
    Spool Volume: 5.16 cubic"
    Capacity: WF7F + 175 20#

    islander_LX38.jpg Islander LX3.8
    Line Weight: 8-9
    Weight: 7.8 oz
    Capacity: WF8F + 200 20#

    Islander LX3.8 Spare Spool
    Spool Diameter: 3.80"
    Spool Width: 0.905"
    Spool Volume: 5.66 cubic"
    Capacity: WF8F + 200 20#

    islander_LX4.jpg Islander LX4.0
    Line Weight: 9-10
    Weight: 8.9 oz
    Capacity: WF10F + 200 30#

    Islander LX4.0 Spare Spool
    Spool Diameter: 4.10"
    Spool Width: 1.00"
    Spool Volume: 6.64 cubic"
    Capacity: WF10F + 200 30#

    islander_LX45.jpg Islander LX4.5
    Line Weight: 11-13
    Weight: 9.9 oz
    Capacity: WF12F + 300 30#

    Islander LX4.5 Spare Spool
    Spool Diameter: 4.50"
    Spool Width: 1.12"
    Spool Volume: 9.66 cubic"
    Capacity: WF12F + 300 30#