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xFish Art - Ancient Hawaiian Hook Designs by Louie the Fish

Each Hook is an exact Museum Quality replica of hooks actually used to catch fish by a wide variety of South Pacific cultures, most popular being the Hawaiian circular action bone hook pendants.

Hand-carved from Bone, Pearl shell, Green Jade, or Black Jade – each begins as a pencil sketch on the material so no two are exactly alike.

Hand-braided and lashed cord with Buffalo horn toggle (for a custom fit).

Fish are very accurate but also animate, with realistic inlaid abalone shell eyes. Many are custom carved for Fish scientists or game fisherman in great detail.

A unique gift for anglers or non-anglers of any gender, and a proven lucky charm

For over 35 years, Louie the Fish has become a legend all across the South Pacific as a master carver of ancient Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultural fishhooks. His designs are accurate replicas of hooks that have been collected by archeologists and were used by ancient fisherman to catch many types of fish. He has become an authority on the subject through his art, which was stimulated by his time spent at the University of Hawaii.

In 2006, Louie traveled to the Peoples Republic of China to train jade carvers in Sihui, a town with a long history of excellence in carving jade, shell, and many other precious stones, dating back thousands of years.

These carvers now produce an exclusive line of beautiful and accurate reproductions of Louie’s most famous designs, artfully hand carved in bone, pearl shell, and rare green and black jade. His ability to “freeze” a likeness in these materials is based on his affinity for and personal knowledge of sea-life and life at sea.

Great attention is paid to purity and balance of form, careful hand rounding, and fine polishing to produce a hook at the same high level of craftsmanship evident in so many of the ancient Polynesian fishhooks one can view in museums around the world. Each hook is carefully hand-lashed using the traditional Polynesian technique to attach a fishhook to a fishing line, and each cord is hand braided from special fiber to replicate the ancient cordage. Fishook Replica Pendants by Louie the Fish are wonderful and unique gifts, and a true reflection of the life and art of the Ancient Polynesians.