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Accessories - Nippers, Tweezers, & Knot Tools

rio_cnf_3_in_1_tweezer_accessory C&F Design 3-in-1 Tweezer
Combines fly handling tweezers, a hook eye cleaner and three different sized threaders.

rising_tweezer_access Rising 90 degree Tweezer
First it was nippas, then the hook file, now we are bringing our innovative style to the tweezer.

dr_slick_tweezer_bishop_access Dr. Slick Bishop Tweezer
~ 4"
~ Gold & Satin
Available in:
~ Straight (FB4G)
~ Curved (FBC4G)

dr_slick_tweezer_hand_access Dr. Slick Extra Hand Tweezer
~ 2.5"
~ Gold & Satin
~ Self Closes
Available in:
~ Curved (FEX)

rising_nippa_s.jpg Rising Nippa w/Clip
Great rubber coated nipper with hook eye cleaner.
Now comes with plastic clip!

rising_big_nippa.jpg Rising Big Nippa

drslick_gadget_nipper_pinf_sm Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin & File
~ 2"
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Hook file on backside

drslick_gadget_nipper_pfc_sm Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin, File & Offset Cutter
~ 2"
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Hook file on backside

drslick_gadget_nipper_pfk_sm Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin, File, & Knot Tyer
Wider tube
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Nail Knot Tool swings out

ai_line_clipper_sm Anglers Image Line Clipper
This exceptionally fine tool easily cuts monofilament ranging from 1/2 lb. to 100 lb.+. The sharp, retractable needle will clean the eye of a hook down to size 32. Made in Japan of 100% stainless steel.

tie_fast_line_clipper_sm Tie-Fast Line Clippers
Sharp nipping jaws to keep your knots clean. A needle for those obstructed fly eyes you need to clear.

rio_cnf_61505_3_in_1_nipper C&F Design 3-in-1 Clipper
Razor sharp nippers, a hook eye cleaner & two Threaders in an all-in-one tool.

hatch_nipper Hatch Nipper
~ 6061T6 Aluminum
~ Type II Anodize
~ Replaceable Cutters
~ Paracord Lanyard Included
~ More Color Options

hatch_lanyard Hatch Lanyard
Adjustable lanyard made from just over 6 feet of 550 Paracord. Each lanyard is handmade in San Diego, California.

abel_nipper_sm1 Abel Nipper
Overall Length: 1.75"
Width at Hinge: 0.75"
Width at Cutting Surface: 0.50"
Engineered to last a lifetime. A 3 year warranty on replacement jaws, and only $10 after that, makes these nippers the last you'll aver need to buy.

Note: Custom colors will take longer to ship. Please call for time estimate.
Colors marked with * most likely to be in stock
abel_nipper_lanyard_sm1 Abel Adjustable Nipper Lanyard
The AbeLanyard is strong, lightweight, really neat looking and a terrific addition to an angler’s arsenal.
Machined Aluminum parts

simms_guide_nipper Simms Guide Nipper
USA Made Machined-Aluminium Nipper with razor-sharp stainless steel jaw.

simms_guide_lanyard_SM Simms Guide Lanyard
Adjustable, USA made lanyard idea for keeping essential tools within reach.

fishpond_barracuda_clipper_sm Fishpond - Barracuda Aluminum Clippers
Our Barracuda Clippers take a fresh look at perhaps the most often used tool in fly-fishing.
Dimensions - 2.75” x .75” dia.

Limited to Stock on Hand
orvis_nipper Orvis Nipper
These machined aluminium Orvis fly-fishing nippers boast smooth mechanical performance. Comes with lanyard made from fly line. Made in USA.

loon_nip_n_sip_2.jpg Loon Nip n' Sip 2.0
Now with removable stainless steel cutting jaws capable of cutting even the heavest line. Grated pads for grip, a hook clearing need and, of course, a bottle opener.

rumpf_tie_fast_knot_tyer_tool Tie-Fast Knot Tyer
The Tie Fast Know Tyer is a one-piece, stainless steel tool that will tie any size hook or lure in seconds. It will also tie tapered leaders to fly lines. Only the Tie Fast uses the unique GRYP-Knots that cannot come untied!

tie_fast_knot_tyer_combo_tool Tie-Fast Knot Tyer Combo Tool
The Combo Tool features a precision sharp clipper that will easily sever large leader and fly line, a knot-tying tool, a hook hone and needle hat is cleverly hid inside the "D" ring attachment loop. One look will tell you that this is a heavy-duty no-nonsense tool that you can depend on.

rio_cnf_acc_3in1_nail_knot_pipes.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe
Needle with a small eye to easily thread leaders. Pipe is ideal for nail knots, w/ magnet in the end of to assist picking out flies. A split ring for zinger attachment.
0.25" to 2.875"

ai_nail_knotter_sm Anglers Image Nail Knotter Tool
Made from aluminum with high precision machining, this neat little tool is finished with a tough anodised coating for durability. Its overall length is 3.5 inches and with this compact design, it can be hung from a lanyard or zinger. It can be used for tying nail knots from leader butt to fly line or from mono to mono for custom leaders.

loon_nail_knotter.jpg Loon Nail Knotter Tool
Developed by world famous fly fisher Dave Brown to make tying nail knots more simple and fast.
Instructions included.

dennison_blood_knot_tier Dennison Blood Knot Tier
Now you can produce numerous blood knots rapidly and perfectly with the famous Dennison Knot Vise. Comes complete with illustrated instructions and compound leader making formulas.
Color: Gold/Silver

frog_hair_blood_knot_tool_sm Frog Hair Blood Knot Tying Tool
When you're tying difficult knots like the blood knot or double uni-knots, use this tool. The tying tool makes quick and easy work of connecting leader sections using these two popular knots. Reminds us more of a vise - heavy base hold it in place to keep your hands free!

ez_tie_blood_knot_tie_sm EZ Tie Blood Knot Tool
EZ Tie is one of the world's simplest and most innovative way to tie bloodknots and barrel knots "on the fly."

cinch_knot_tyer Cinch Tie Knot Tyer
The original Brass Knot Tyer. Complete with Knot Tying instructions.

Hatch_knottenstionTool_SM Hatch Knot Tension Tool
A knot tensioner, bottle opener & ass kicking device all rolled into one.
Each Knot Tension Tool comes with a Paracord wrist lanyard.

waltons_tool_sm Waltons Thumb Anglers Multi Tool
The 10 function Walton's Thumb is the ultimate tool for the fisherman.

loon_cl_uv_knot_sense_sm Loon UV Knot Sense
Smoothes and strengthens your knots immediately. Lightly coat those newly tied nail knots and never get caught in your guides again. Great for repairing damaged flies.
1/2 oz tube
Need a UV light for drying? Try Loon UV Nano Light, Loon UV Bench Light , or Loon UV Infinity Light

orvis_fly_fishers_snip_with_zinger_SM Orvis Fly Fishers Snip with Zinger !
Our fly-fishing tools are versatile and well constructed.