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Accessories - Line, Leader, Tippet Accessories

rumpf_gherke_gink Gehrke's Gink
The world's most popular fly line dressing Gink keeps it up. Guaranteed to satisfy. Will not absorb water. Floats flies, leaders, tippets, and fly lines.
Sold as 1 Bottle

rumpf_gherke_xink Gehrke's Xink
World's only patented fly sink. Phenomenal - Xink puts it down.
Sold as 1 Bottle

loon_f_payettepaste.jpg Loon Payette Paste Fly & Fly Line Floatant™
An outstanding floatant in paste form. Gives hackles and leaders a silky-smooth, water-resistant coating. Softens when warm, but won't run or leak.
1/4 oz.

loon_cl_stanleys_ice_off.jpg Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste™
A non-toxic antifreeze paste for line and guides to keep them from freezing. Effective to 12 degrees below freezing. Easy to apply. Won't hurt you or your equipment.
1/4 oz.

omnispool_switchbox_kit.jpg Omnispool Switchbox Kit
Fly Line Organizing, Cleaning and Switching - all made easier with the complete Switchbox kit. Includes SwitchBox, matching Crank Handle, and LineCareBox.

omnispool_switchbox.jpg Omnispool Switchbox
Quickspool. Load ‘em up. Travel. Find them when you need them. Sort them, stack them, store them.

omnispool_linecare_box.jpg Omnispool Linecare Box
Flylines get scaly, salty and sticky which detracts from their casting and shooting efficiency. Whether you’re a couple of days into a trip or putting your gear to bed for a while, go with the LineCarebox’s Double C treatment.

omnispool_crank_handle.jpg Omnispool Crank Handle
Sturdy OmniSpool crank handle designed to complement the SwitchBox. It's grooved to fit through the spool and around the line; fits in either side - so no matter if you’re left or right handed.

omnispool_arbor_spacer.jpg Omnispool Arbor Spacers
So you’ve got a lot of thin line to spool up and store fast or else you’ll be left behind in the driveway. Omni’s Arbor Spacers for the Omni Spool systems that can help you get stuff done with enough time left to ride shotgun. Running lines are spooled, stored, packed, not to mention accessibly tangle free when you need them, in a jiffy. Easily snaps into exisitng Omnispools.
One of each diameters included in every pack.

rio_cranky_sm RIO Cranky Kit
Change lines quickly and efficiently as fishing conditions change.

rio_agentx_dressing RIO AgentX Fly Line Dressing
Formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines.
One oz bottle. OR bottle + Wondercloth
Contains floating additive

rio_wondercloth_SM Rio Wonder Cloth !
A fly line gets dirty like anything else, and should be cleaned every few trips. RIO's new Wonder Cloth is a micro abrasive cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line.

ump_glide UFM Glide Line Dressing
There are no floating or sinking additives, so Glide will work for ALL your lines. The long-lasting finish will not accumulate unwanted debris
One oz bottle Alone or with Applicator Box

Box may be Green or Red
tiemco_line_cleaner1.jpg Tiemco Line Cleaner
A superior line cleaner developed to clean and enhance the floatability and durability of your floating line. A handy screw top tub with a felt pad for applying the cleaner.

loon_cl_fast_cast_line_cleaning_tool Loon - Fast Cast Line Cleaning Tool
$11.50 $10.49 On Sale!
A nylon pouch with a sheepskin cleaning pad that attaches to a fly rod. The Fast Cast makes cleaning and lubricating fly lines as simple as stripping line through the pouch then reeling back in.

loon_cl_line_cleaning_tool.jpg Loon - Line Cleaning Tool
Sheepskin and hardwood hinged together to create the perfect line cleaning tool.
3" x 3"

rio_acc_towlette RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette
Quickly clean your fly line and enhance its performance with this handy, single-use cloth. The Fly Line Cleaning Towelette works best on floating fly lines as it light brushes away loose dirt.
Pack contains one pre-coated cloth.

fishpond_piopod Fishpond PioPod
Micro Trash Container.
Don't be that guy - "Pack It Out". And when you find someone else's trash along the river? Please pack that out too. Help keep our beloved waterways trash-free.

us_balance_digi_scale_sm US Balance Digital Scale
Quickly and easily weigh your heads. Use grains or grams to help customize your lines, or even to determine what weight line you actually have.

ai_leader_straightener Anglers Image Leader Straightener
Pull leader through two rubber pads to straighten.

orvis59_leaderstraightener_sm.jpg Orvis Premium Leader Straightener
Two-piece leader straightener has twin rubber pads. Also removes unwanted glare from your leader. Finished with a durable leather cover.
Available with or without wire cord zinger.

***If has this product priced lower, we WILL MATCH the Orvis price!***
dennison_blood_tier.jpg Dennison Blood Knot Tier
Now you can produce numerous blood knots rapidly and perfectly with the famous Dennison Knot Vise. Comes complete with illustrated instructions and compound leader making formulas.
Color: Gold/Silver

EZ_Tie_Blood_knot_tie EZ Tie Blood Knot Tool !
EZ Tie is one of the world's simplest and most innovative way to tie bloodknots and barrel knots "on the fly."

frog_hair_blood_knot_tool.jpg Frog Hair Blood Knot Tying Tool
When you're tying difficult knots like the blood knot or double uni-knots, use this tool. The tying tool makes quick and easy work of connecting leader sections using these two popular knots. Reminds us more of a vise - heavy base hold it in place to keep your hands free!

rumpf_tie_fast_knot_tyer_combo_tool.jpg Tie-Fast Knot Tyer Combo Tool
The Combo Tool features a precision sharp clipper that will easily sever large leader and fly line, a knot-tying tool, a hook hone and needle hat is cleverly hid inside the "D" ring attachment loop. One look will tell you that this is a heavy-duty no-nonsense tool that you can depend on.

ai_line_clipper Anglers Image Line Clipper
This exceptionally fine tool easily cuts monofilament ranging from 1/2 lb. to 100 lb.+. The sharp, retractable needle will clean the eye of a hook down to size 32. Made in Japan of 100% stainless steel.

rio_cnf_61505_3_in_1_nippers.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Clipper
Razor sharp nippers, a hook eye cleaner & two Threaders in an all-in-one tool.

fishpond_barracuda_clipper Fishpond Barracuda Aluminum Clippers
Our Barracuda Clippers take a fresh look at perhaps the most often used tool in fly-fishing.
Dimensions - 2.75” x .75” dia.

simms_guide_nipper_SM_1 Simms Guide Nipper !
USA Made Machined-Aluminium Nipper with razor-sharp stainless steel jaw.

drslick_gadget_nipper_pinf.jpg Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin & File
~ 2"
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Hook file on backside

drslick_gadget_nipper_pfc.jpg Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin, File & Offset Cutter
~ 2"
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Hook file on backside

drslick_gadget_nipper_pfk.jpg Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin, File, & Knot Tyer
Wider tube
High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel
Nail Knot Tool swings out

fishpond_hook_jaw_river_tool_2 Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool 2 !
As premier innovators of fly-fishing tools designed specifically to help anglers catch more fish, we designed and built the Hook Jaw River Tool. Integrated line cutter: not necessary for achieving goal, but included. Tippet gauge for 2x to 7X: not necessary for achieving goal, but included. Bottle opener constructed of high-tech materials: goal achieved! And included too.
3.25" x 1.5"

bw_tippet_fly_pouch BW Tippet/Fly Pouch II
Saltwater Designed
Great lightweight design to keep all those small fly boxes and tippet packs handy.
6" x 1.5" x 6"

orvis53_leaderwallet_sm.jpg Orvis Mesh Leader Wallet
Keep your lines and leaders dry and organized in an all-mesh fly fishing case that promotes air circulation. Five slots offer easy organization. Saltwater-safe construction, including plastic zipper.

***If has this product priced lower, we WILL MATCH the Orvis price!***
rio_leader_wallet.jpg Rio Leader Wallet
The RIO leader wallet is perfect for storing leaders. Extra inserts available so you can swap them out depending on your destination! Each insert has 6 pockets.
4" x 7.25"

rio_shooting_head_wallet.jpg Rio Shooting Head Wallets
Two sizes of shooting head wallets that are completely aerated for storing shooting heads and sink tips.
Regular for tips, and Large for Max II, Skagit, or AFS heads.

finn_utility_jacobs_wallet Finn Utility Jacob's Wallet
Holds 6 leaders in three pockets along side your flies. A simple all-in-one wallet for your fishing needs.

finn_utility_leader_wallet.jpg Finn Utility Leader Wallet
Holds 12 leaders or 6 spey tips in six pockets. Constructed from durable 10oz. army waxed duck cotton.

finn_utility_line_wallet Finn Utility Line Wallet
Designed to help organize your bag, the Line Wallet holds up to 9 spey heads or leaders in a simple to access accordion design.

loon_tippet_holder.jpg Loon - Tippet Holder
Convenient design makes tippet organization better than ever. Holds 6 spools and attaches to a pack or vest with a carabineer.

fishpond_headgate_tippet_holder Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder !
When you use Fishpond’s all-new Headgate tippet dispenser, you will wonder why no one has thought of anything like it before.

rising_mickeys_tippet_leash.jpg Rising Mickeys Tippet Leash
I can't overstate how much easier it is to have your tippet spools horizontally oriented instead of vertically stacked.

loon_tippet_stack.jpg Loon - Tippet Stack
The most convenient and versatile way to store tippet! Original design allows for either hanging or fastening to a belt, strap or pack, and makes storage and retrieval of tippet simple.

ai_tippet_retainer Anglers Image Tippet Retainer
Easy to load and unload. Adjustable button stop keeps the spools from rattling. Snap clip attaches to any D-ring. Holds up to 7 tippet spools.(tippet spools not included)

mountain_river_lanyards_horizontal_tippet_system.jpg Mountain River Lanyards Horizontal Tippet Carrier
Designed and hand crafted in Montana by people who work and play in the great outdoors. Our tippet carrier is super cool and easy to use. The chamois cloth is there to dry flies and clean your sunglasses.

mountain_river_lanyards_vertical_tippet_system.jpg Mountain River Lanyards Vertical Tippet Carrier
Designed and hand crafted in Montana by people who work and play in the great outdoors. Our tippet carrier is super cool and easy to use. The chamois cloth is there to dry flies and clean your sunglasses.

spool_clip_SM Spool Clip !
Spool Clips are a new way to carry your tippet spools. Their simple and compact design keeps your spools handy yet out of the way at the same time.

loon_rigging_foams Loon Rigging Foams
Sturdy, reusable housing for rigs using multiple nymphs, dry dropper set ups, or a single dry on a leader, allowing for pre-rigging and quick changes on the water.

new_phase_foamLineSpool_SM New Phase Foam Rigging Spools
Pair of 3" foam rigging spools packaged in a Jumbo cup. Great for dropper rigs, leaders, or tippet.

rio_braided_loops RIO Braided Loops
A quick and easy way to attach leader to fly line or the backing to the line.
4 per pack

tfo_ai_line_winder Anglers Image Folding Line Winder
A must if you own more than 1 fly line. Coiling your line for storage or cleaning has never been easier.

mustad_line_pin_77121.jpg Mustad Fly Line Pins
Mustad Fly Line Pins push in the end of fly lines to provide a loop for quickly tying on leaders. Bronze With Two Slices In Shank.
3 pins per pack

mustad_snap_clips.jpg Mustad Snap Hooks
Snap hooks allow you to change flies and small lures easily without retying.
12 per pack

climax_tippet_ring.jpg Climax Tippet Rings
Climax Tippet Rings make it easy to add more tippet material to your leader. Made of welded stainless steel they even float!
10 per pack

cortland_tippet_ring Cortland Tippet Rings
Made from high quality stainless steel and finished in stealthy nickel black.
10 per pack

ai_tippet_rings Anglers Image Tippet Rings
The ultimate tippet-to-leader connection. Eliminate unnecessary knots and extend the life of your leader. Makes changing tippet-to-fly connection a snap.
10 per pack

ai_tippet_rings_blk_nickel Anglers Image Tippet Rings - Black Nickel
Black Nickel Tippet Rings. Eliminate unnecessary knots and extend the life of your leader. Makes changing tippet-to-fly connection a snap.

partridge_atr_tippet_rings Partridge Tippet Rings ATR
These rings are very small but very strong.
Black Nickel Finish

rio_acc_spey_anti_twist_swivel.jpg RIO Anti Twist Spey Swivel
RIO's Spey swivel attaches (via loop-to-loop connections) between the shooting line and shooting head and eliminates twists and kinks often caused by spey casting
3 per pack
Bright orange for visibility

amnesia_shooting_line Amnesia Shooting Line
Monofilament shooting line also works as a butt section on a floating line.
200ft per spool

headgatexl_SM Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder XL !
The all new Headgate XL is an enlarged version of our popular Headgate. The new XL size was designed specifically for holding 4” spools so you can have the same great features as our standard size when you’re saltwater fishing.

orvis_tippet_tool_SM Orvis Tippet Tool !
Holds up to 6 spools of tippet. available in green and blue.