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NuCanoe Motor Accessories

NuCanoeTransomMotorPlate_SM NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate
Protect your Transom, secure your motor, and plug the Transom hole.

For: Frontier, Pursuit & Flint
Weight:1 lbs


nucanoe_outboardmotorbracket_SM NuCanoe Outboard Motor Bracket
The Outboard Motor Bracket for provides a super tough mount that will fit virtually all outboard motors. The mounting plate is made from powder-coated 12ga Stainless Steel. 16.5″ Shaft length is ideal. We have brackets available for the Flint, Pursuit, or Frontier 12/F10 models.

NuCanoeJointTillerExtensionSM NuCanoe U-Joint Tiller Extension
Tiller Extension Handle for use with a trolling motor.

Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Weight: 2 lbs


nucanoe_batterybox_SM NuCanoe Battery Box w/Track Strap
Storage box to keep your motor battery safe and dry, and securely fastened in your NuCanoe. Includes the Track Strap

Material: Polypropylene, nylon webbing
Weight: 1 lbs


NuCanoebowmotormount_SM NuCanoe Bow Motor Mount
Enables use of a bow mount trolling motor directly off the bow of your Frontier or Pursuit.

Material: 1″ Marine Starboard
Weight: 1 lbs

nucanoeTransomMotorRetractKit_SM NuCanoe Transom Motor Retract Kit
The Transom Motor Retract Kit allows you to raise your motor from the seat position.

CanoeMotorWiringKit_SM NuCanoe Motor Wiring Kit
Wire your motor for power with the Motor Wiring Kit.

amped-60-sm Amped Outdoors 60AH LITHIUM BATTERY (LIFEPO4) !
The best portable battery for small boat electronics, trolling motors, and outdoor portable power. This 14lb 11oz battery is one of the most advanced, smallest, and light weight batteries in the industry today! With 60AH usable capacity, you will not find a better battery! This model may be connected in series to achieve up to 48v operation!

amped-100-sm Amped Outdoors 100AH LITHIUM BATTERY (LIFEPO4) !
The best portable battery for boat electronics, trolling motors, and outdoor portable power. This 26lb battery will allow you to go further with capacity similar to SLA batteries double in size at half the weight. This battery will allow you to wire up to 4 batteries together in series to achieve higher voltage.

nucanoe_DIY_steering_kit_SM NuCanoe DIY Steering Kit
The DIY Steering Kit can be used to modify your propulsion system so that you can steer it from the comfort of your seat.

NuCanoe_7500Transom_Mount_Motor_Kit2_SM NuCanoe Transom Mount Motor Plug + Play Kit
The Plug + Play Motor Kit Transom Mount is the easiest and best way to use a Transom mount motor.

For: Frontier, Pursuit & Flint
Weight:9 lbs


NuCanoeBowMountPlugPlayKits_SM NuCanoe Bow Mount Plug + Play Kits
The Plug + Play Motor Kit Bow Mount is the easiest and best way to use a Bow mount motor on your Frontier or Pursuit

For: Frontier, Pursuit

nucanoe_cell_blok_adapter_plate_SM NuCanoe Cellblok Adapter Plate
Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions:12 6 1 in


amped_charger_sm Amped Outdoors DUAL LIFEPO4 CHARGER AND SLA CHARGER !
Perfect for charging all 12V lead-acid, flooded, sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell) and 12V-Lithium(LiFePO4) up to 85Ah, Safely maintain all types of motorcycle, automotive, marine, RV, Boat, ATV, powersport, lawnmower & garden etc.

motorguide_xi3_small MotorGuide Xi3-55FW Wireless Control - GPS!
The MotorGuide Xi3-55FW bow mount motor comes with standard wireless control, easy to use stow and display featuring SecureStep, and whisper quiet operation. The large release lever triggers both stow and deploy functions from a standing position for easy and safe operation. Visual and audible cues indicate when the motor is locked in the stowed position.

amped-fast-charge_sm Amped Outdoors 10A FAST LITHIUM CHARGER (LIFEPO4) !
This charger is intended for 30-100Ah batteries. Charger has a built in fan and includes Anderson style connectors and charging harness for your battery.

xi3-motor-plate-small Motorguide XI Series Quick-Release Bracket
Used to enable quick release of the Motorguide XI series of motors.