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Watermaster Rafts

Big Sky Inflatables, LLC was established in September of 2006 by Rich and Amy Stuber of Missoula, Montana. Big Sky Inflatables (BSI), “Home of the Water Master,” is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality inflatables on the market as well as unbeatable customer service and product support.

We are best known for our signature product, the Water Master Raft. When describing our products we use words like lightweight, compact, durable, versatile, and safe. The Water Master Raft is everything your personal water craft should be. The Water Master has been used by anglers and hunters all over the world for over fifteen years, including Dave Whitlock, one of fly fishing’s greatest innovators. Dave said, “With my Water Master, I can enjoy more fishing per hour than any other method I have ever tried. After two and a half years of testing fifteen models of kickboats, I’m convinced that the Water Master is the ultimate personal floatation craft for warm and cold water fly fishing.”

watermaster_Kodiak_raft_SM Watermaster Kodiak Raft
$1,795.00 Be the first one to write a review
The Kodiak Raft Package was designed to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 12 in

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watermaster_Grizzly_raft_SM Watermaster Grizzly Raft
$1,695.00 Be the first one to write a review
The Water Master Grizzly Raft has been tried, tested, and proven on rivers, lakes, and salt water flats all over the world.
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 12 in

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~ Great for fishing, hunting, camping, photography, and adventure
~ Want to wade? Just stand up!
~ Massive weight capacity up to 750lbs
~ Rated up to Class IV rapids
~ Lightweight enough to simply pick up and portage around obstacles
~ Accessories for any application
~ Fish upstream or down without getting out of your boat
~ Access areas that cannot be reached by foot
~ All Water Masters are built to last with the toughest materials
~ Manufactured to the same specs as white water rafts
~ Double-reinforced seams
~ Built with high quality 30oz 1100 denier PVC with built-in UV protection
~ Material is VERY abreasion and puncture resistant
~ Very few individual pieces to damage or misplace
~ Excellent customer service and support
~ All packages assembled and tested in Stevensville, Montana USA
~ Entire package, boat and accessories fit into a backpack with room to spare
~ There is no external frame to assemble or transport
~ There is no frame to tangle your line
~ Ten minutes to assemble..disassemble in less
~ Travel Friendly...can be checked as a normal luggage item
~ No SUV, truck, or trailer required
~ Store it in your closet
~ Extremely maneuverable with fins or oars
~ A "No Rocker Design" and large tube creates more contact and less water displacement
~ Extremely buoyant
~ Draws only three inches of water with a load
~ No "rocking" while rowing - increasing rowing efficiency
~ True boat design allows Water Masters to track better in moving water and wind
~ Low profile and large surface area make it much less susceptible to wind
~ Rigid seat platform acts as the frame of the raft giving the boat rigidity in bigger water
~ Rigid seat also gives you a stable, solid, comfortable seating platform with a variety of seat options

~ Extremely stable because of its large surface are and low center of gravity
~ Closed bow and stern protect your legs from objects in the water and prevents hang-ups
~ Makes a great wading aid in slippery rivers
~ Dual front and rear air chambers
~ Very puncture resistant - allowing you to bounce off obstacles that you can't avoid