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Fly Storage - Patches & Foam

millstream_boatpatch_sm.jpg Millstream Boat Patch
One of our most popular products! The Ripple and Flat Boat Patches take some of the hassle out of boat or canoe fishing. It works just like an oversized 12"x15" fly box… simply mount it on the inside gunnel of your boat or canoe using the adhesive backing. We've been told they're also great for trucks, fly-tying benches and as custom-cut liners for odd-sized and wooden fly boxes.

cliffs_head_liner.jpg Cliff's Head Liner
If you’ve fished for a while, chances are somewhere in your fishing rig there are flies impaled in the upholstery. Of course, a few of these flies inevitably have barbs and are there to stay. Now, if you want to be like Big Cliff and decorate the F-150 that way, that’s fine, but a better alternatives would be to get yourself the Head Liner. It fits on all visors and can be easily removed. The slotted foam securely holds all flies. Add a push pin and you can also temporarily attach those items (to-do lists, parking tickets) that aren’t really important, but you may want to keep.
6" x 3 3/4"

cliff_float_patch.jpg Cliff's Float Patch
Guide-tested by the Grey Reef Clifftarians, and used exclusively by legendary Bighorn River guide Kip "Snookie" Dean, our Float Patch™ has become a standard on western rivers.
Let?s face it - while floating in your boat or personal watercraft, you don?t want to take the time to dig into your boat bag and put flies away in their proper box. You just want to set them down within reach, in a place (hopefully) where they won?t get lost or blow away in the wind.
4 1/4" x 8 5/8 x 5/8"

simms_acc_foam_boat_patch.jpg Simms Foam Boat Patch
The 5” x 9” Foam Boat Patch works just like an oversized open fly box with the added bonus of a magnetic “fly catcher”. Simply mount the patch on the inside of your boat, canoe, etc.

rio_cnf_acc_threader_chest_patch.jpg C&F Design Threader 5-Row Chest Patch
A fly patch with five rows of MSF in the base with a capacity of 90 flies. The lid has three Fly Threaders with integrated tippet slots and three magnets for temporary storage while changing flies. Also has large side gates at each end and dense foam on the lid for extra storage.
4" x 3" x 0.59" Dark Gray

millstream_ripple_patch Millstream Ripple Fly Patch
You'll never have to wrestle your flies out of a wool fly patch again.
Mill Stream's Ripple Foam Fly Patch is the original foam fly patch, made of high-density, closed-cell ripple foam and manufactured in the USA. A state-of-the-art clip attaches securely, without damaging clothing. The plastic backing card has a handy knot chart.

cliff_fat_patch.jpg Cliff Fat Patch
Larger than the original Catch Patch (designed for a hat), our new Fat Patch is built for those anglers who wear a vest, chest pack or gear bag.
2 7/8" x 2 7/8"

simms_acc_fractal_fly_patch_sm Simms Fractal Fly Patch
Durable EVA foam - resists deformation and provides constant pressure on the shank of a barbless hook for more secure hold.

simms_acc_super_fly_patch_sm Simms Super-Fly Patch
Durable EVA foam - resists deformation and provides constant pressure on the shank of a barbless hook for more secure hold.

finn_utility_shearling_visor_holder_sm Finn Utility Shearling Visor Holder
Have your flies within an arm's reach wherever the road takes you. Fits visors 10" wide or less.

finn_utility_streamer_wallet_sm Finn Utility Streamer Wallet
A great alternative to plastic cases.

Umpqua_boatbox_Foam Umpqua Boat Box Foam Sheet
The thick durable foam replacement for the Magnum Boat Box features fly placement guides to easily identify where the slots are located.

Fishpond_beavertail_fly_patch Fishpond Beavertail Fly Patch
The Fishpond Beavertail Fly Patch is a high-visibility molded Velcro fly patch to hold your wet flies.
Size - 3.5" x 2"