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Thomas & Thomas BAFT

BAFT - Bi-Angular Fiber Technology

BAFT-A Step Beyond: A superior rod construction of double helical graphite fiber.

Figure I: When conventional (non-helical) rods are subjected to heavy flex loads, they tend to become oval, losing rod action and strength.

Figure II: The single helical graphite structure keeps the rod from blank round when it is heavily loaded during casting and while fighting a hooked fish. However, graphite fibers are more easily stretched than compressed. Ordinary helical rod designs utilize a single continuous fiber which spirals at an angle for the length of the part, similar to a coil spring. Therefore, torque or twisting is not inhibited equally in both directions of rotating or twist. Yet, torque loads from twisting rods can result in a less accurate line trajectory and reduced performance.

Figure III: Our new Bi-Angular Fiber Technology of left and right opposing rotational fibers inhibit torque or twisting in both directions of rotation. Combining superior taper designs with T&Ts BAFT construction and the strategic use of Aramid fiber enables the creation of a rod blank with increased strength, power and lightness and a heightened feel of the line beyond the rod tip.