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Clutch Fly Rods

Quality Fly Rods

Years of research and a lifetime of dedication is built into each Clutch Fly Rod. Get yours today and change the way you fish.
Every new Clutch Fly Rod is covered by our lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

We eliminated the question we sometimes ask ourselves “if this rod would only” by approaching and designing every line weight from a perspective of individuality, and not as a line of rods or a series so to speak. We took a different approach than most companies that offer a “line of rods” that vary in performance and feel from one weight to the next. You know what it’s like, rods within a series are usually better, different, or worse than others. We avoid all of that by designing each rod one at a time…individually…and for a purpose! Why would we as fishermen want a 10wt that has the same attempted taper design as a 5wt in the same line? The answer is simple, we don’t.

Our philosophy is very simple… we make exceptional rods that cast and fish with a purpose, rods that have tremendous sensitivity and control as well as endless reserve power. To put it in simple terms, we build rods that we are proud to put our name on, and that we know you will be very proud to own…