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Ross Animas Reels

The Animas River flows rough and wild through southwest Colorado. Like its namesake, the Ross Reels™ Animas® reel will keep running no matter what it faces. With a custom two-tone anodized finish and solid aluminum frame components, the reel is coupled with a liquid-smooth and powerful drag system with low start-up inertia. The drag has a tool-less, simple right-to-left hand conversion and protects even the lightest tippet, vital when demanding quarry makes blistering, unexpected runs. The large arbor aids in retrieving all the line that just went through the tip-top.

The single-piece spool is elegantly ported for both aesthetics and weight savings. And in a first for Ross, the handle of the Animas® is fully-anodized machined aluminum with a reverse taper for increased control and excellent grip. The hours of engineering and design time taken to deliver the Animas® ensures the highest level of quality, something expected from every product wearing the Ross Reels™ logo. The Animas® is sure to be the go-to favorite of every angler to pair with their favorite rod.


Available in Stealth Black or Granite (with Bronze hardware)

ross_animas_45 Ross Animas 4/5 Reel
Diameter: 3.25"
Width: 0.97"
Weight: 4.5 oz.
Capacity: WF1 + 100yd

ross_animas_spool_black Ross Animas 4/5 - Spare Spool
Width: 0.97"
Capacity: WF1 + 100yd

ross_animas_56 Ross Animas 5/6 Reel
Diameter: 3.50"
Width: 1.01"
Weight: 4.9 oz.
Capacity: WF5 + 150yd

ross_animas_spool_granite Ross Animas 5/6 - Spare Spool
Width: 1.01"
Capacity: WF5 + 150yd

ross_animas_78 Ross Animas 7/8 Reel
Diameter: 3.875"
Width: 1.09"
Weight: 7.0 oz.
Capacity: WF38+ 200yd

Expedited shipping offer on Black Only
ross_animas_spool_black Ross Animas 7/8 - Spare Spool
Width: 1.09"
Capacity: WF38+ 200yd

ross_animas_spool_granite Ross - Animas 9/10 - Spare Spool
Width: 1.17"
Capacity: WF9 + 250yd


Frame/Spool Material: 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy
Manufacturing Specifications: Fully machined, 1 piece frame spool, 1 piece spool, handle, and drag knob
Drag Material: Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon - space-age polymer that is durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free
Conversion: Quick release locking spool, easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion
Finish: ustom two-tone type II anodized finish for the perfect balance of hardness and color
Fishing Application: Designed for use in all freshwater, warmwater and saltwater fishing environments
Available Colors Stealth Black (with Moss hardware), Granite (with Bronze hardware)