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Wraith FWS + AWS

Sirrus Glass

Demon Smuggler


Zephrus Ultralite

Zephrus FWS

Zephrus AWS

Zephrus SWS

Zephrus DH


Wide Spool Perfect



Performance Reels

Only a company with the continuous experience of Hardy can design and produce a series of fly reels that exhibit the latest in technology, perform under the harshest conditions and work flawlessly generation after generation. Each of the Hardy Performance Fly reel models are purpose designed to balance and work exquisitely based upon the angler's desires, water, and target species. Hardy fly reel design is not static and since the Perfect reel introduction and patent in 1891 have continued to evolve and improve.

Fortuna XDS


Ultralite MA

Ultralite CA DD

Ultralite FWDD

Ultralite ASR

Ultralite MTX !

Classic Reels

The Hardy Classic fly reels include models that have proven themselves on the waters of the world for decades. These timeless reels were familiar to your father and grandfather and now have evolved with new technology, materials, precision machine work, and craftsmanship.

Marquis LWT

Cascapedia !