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Thomas & Thomas Blanks - Salmon & Steelhead

Medium fast action for the challenges of anadromous fish.

With two-handed rods seemingly ubiquitous on many famous salmon and steelhead rivers, at times it seems as though single-hander’s have been forgotten. That’s not the case here at T&T. The new SSS rods are designed to offer salmon and steelhead anglers the ultimate balance of sensitivity and fish fighting prowess. These rods are deadly accurate for dry fly work and perfectly capable of lifting a long line off the water as you step and swing flies through holding water in the search for majestic, migratory fish.

• Features: • Natural grey graphite blank •

Thomas & Thomas Blank - SSS 967S-4
Sections: 3
Line Size: 7

Thomas & Thomas Blank - SSS 968S-4
Length: 9'6"
Sections: 3
Line Size: 8