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Abel Custom Finishes

Abstract suggestions of fish on reels, knives, and pliers done individually by our creative art department capture the essence of our sport.

Each artistically anodized reel is one-of-a-kind. No two are alike because each is anodized individually using our own artistic metallurgical process.

You may order custom reels, reel seats, pliers and AbelBlade knives to match your car, boat, school colors, whatever. Let your creative juices flow.

**Custom orders can take up to 8 weeks**

Solid/Satin Finishes +$100 (except Black)

In addition to our world famous high gloss black coral anodized reels, we offer 11 different solid color anodized finishes to compliment your preferred fly rod, share your pride with your school or pro-sports team fan colors, or simply because it is your favorite finish. We also offer a textured, non-glare satin finish that is skullfully silicon bead-blased by hand for greater durability (available in 4 colors).

Black Coral (standard)

Satin Black

Blue III

Satin Blue III


Deep Blue

Deep Green


Satin Olive






Satin Slate


Tier 1 Finishes (4hr+ hand crafted) +$250

"These designes are actually painted by hand?" We get that question all the time when our products are on display at the fly fishing shows we attend. And YES, they absolutely are. We developed a proprietary anodizing process that allows our art department to painstakingly apply, by-hand with a paintbrush, the various colors on our products. While these finishes are "painted" on, it is important to know that the colors are actually anodized, and will not chip or fade over time. Each hand-painted finish in our Tier 1 category requires a minimum of 4 hours artistic anodizing time to accomplish, and can certainly be considered a one-of-a-kind heirloom reel.

Retro Green

Retro Carnival

Retro Fire

Retro Caribbean

Atlantic Salmon

Chrome Steelhead



Rainbow Trout



Wild Trout

Tier 2 Finishes (7hr+ hand crafted) +$400

The detailed studies we conducted in our art department have proven that some of the graphics we hand-paint take much longer to complete than others, and only a limited number of our factory trained artists can execute our most difficult patterns. The complex designs in our Tier 2 category require at least 7 hours of our hand painting, and artistic anodizing process resulting in an iconic product available only through the team at Abel Reels.

2019 Dorado

2019 Tiger Trout

2019 Peacock Bass


Brook Trout

Brown Trout

Skull & Crossbones


Artist/Signature Finishes (10hr+ hand crafted) +$700

We're honored to feature, and replicate the work of a few of the most talented artists in the fly fishing industry. Derek DeYoung, Andrea Larko, and Jon Osiris are each great ambassadors for our sport, and we're proud to have teamed up with them to provide select examples of their beautiful artwork on Abel Reels. As usual with Abel, we are not cutting any corners in order to bring you the best products available. The Artist/Signature Series of our tiered graphics require a minimum of 10 hours of hand painting and artistic anodizing time, and in some cases over 14 hours to replicate. Our top team members in the Abel art department utilize a single bristle paintbrush to accomplish sections of these difficult graphics, but in the end an incredible piece of artwork is completed and worthy of the original artist's name engraved on the reel.

DeYoung Brown Flank

DeYoung Brook Flank

DeYoung Montana Brown

DeYoung Rainbow Flank

Tribal Salmon


Tiger Trout



Northern Pike

Dolly Varden

Golden Trout

Leopard Rainbow

Pacific Striper


Westslope Cutthroat

Calico Bass


Scenic Palm Trees

Brown Trout

Scenic Lighthouse


Army Camo

2013 Cutthroat Trout


Bluefin Tuna

Bull Trout

Giant Trevally

Largemouth Bass

Peacock Bass




Von Behr

Bass Yellow


Dark Olive


Artistic Anodized #1

Artistic Anodized #2

Artistic Anodized #3

Artistic Anodized #4

Artistic Anodized #5

Artistic Anodized #6

Artistic Anodized #7

Artistic Anodized #8

Artistic Anodized #9

Artistic Anodized #10

Artistic Anodized #11

Artistic Anodized #12

Artistic Anodized #13

Artistic Anodized #14

Artistic Anodized #15

Artistic Anodized #16

Artistic Anodized #17

Artistic Anodized #18

Artistic Anodized #19

Artistic Anodized #20

Jurassic Tail

Cutthroat Trout



Tarpon by Marco Aurelio

Agro Brown by Eric Hornung

Silver King

Small Mouth


Larko Brown Trout Silhouette

Larko Bonefish Silhouette

abel_custom_reel_foot Abel Customization - Reel Foot

abel_custom_drag_knob Abel Customization - Drag Knob

Like a different kind of look? Try Laser Engraving instead.

Utilizing a precision German-made laser engraving machine, Abel craftsmen can add a unique finishing touch to your reel – a tarpon, bonefish, tuna, rainbow trout, permit, steelhead…you name it.

Yes…we can laser engrave a corporate logo, law firm, construction company, college banner, or virtually anything that’s legal. Looking for the perfect retirement gift? Our engravers can make that special presentation even better!

Couple our engraving techniques with our ability to replicate the nuances of fish colors and we can truly produce the fly reel of your dreams.

Laser Engraving:

  • One Line - $40
  • Two Lines - $60
  • Fish - $60
  • Custome Logo - $100

  • Please call or specify engraving.

    Our 6061 aluminum reel handles are 1/8th inch longer than our standard wooden handles with a knurled finger grip. They are fitted with a hand-pressed DelrinÆ insert for the absolutely smoothest feel this side of vanilla ice cream. And just as luscious. Their weight precisely matches the weight of the counterbalance. They won’t chip, fracture, splinter or snap no matter the temperature or conditions. They are, in a word, forever.

    In Small, Medium and Large for various sizes of Abel Reels. Available in any solid color finish. Artistic and fish graphic are available for an additional cost.