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NuCanoe Custom Accessories

Trick out your NuCanoe with these great outfitting options. All are modular and can be added, relocated, or moved with ease.

nucanoe_blackpac_SM NuCanoe BlackPak
The NuCanoe BlackPak is the ideal gear & rod storage solution.

nucanoe_footpegs_SM NuCanoe Foot Pegs
Foot Pegs install in the Freedom Track so you can place them in the optimum position for you.


nucanoe_Frontier-Casting-Bar_SM NuCanoe Casting Bar
Material: Powder-Coated Aluminum
Weight: 7lbs

nucanoe_alumwave_paddle_SM NuCanoe Aluminum Wave Paddle
250 & 275cm Aluminum paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles

nucanoe_frontier_slidedrawer_SM NuCanoe Frontier Slide Drawer
The Slide Drawer fits in the front of the deck floor and provides awesome storage for tackle and small gear you want within arm’s reach.


nucanoe_tough_claw_1.5ball_SM NuCanoe Tough Claw w/1.5"ball
Perfect for securing screwball devices to the Casting Bar
For:Frontier 12, F10, and Pursuit
Material: Injection Molded Plastic
Weight: 4 oz

nucanoe_tough_claw_rotogrip_SM NuCanoe Tough Claw Rotogrip Paddle Holder
The versatility of the Tough Claw and ease of the RotoGrip Paddle Holder

nucanoe_transport_cart_SM NuCanoe Transport Cart
Make your NuCanoe boat as easy to get around on land as it is on water.

nucanoe_tug_cart_SM NuCanoe Tug Cart
The C-Tug has a sophisticated style and precision design.

nucanoe_boat_cover_SM NuCanoe Boat Cover
Keep your NuCanoe protected and clean whether it’s on the highway or in your backyard.

nucanoe_transportation_trailer_SM NuCanoe Transportation Trailer
The NuCanoe Trailer is designed for easy loading, unloading, and handling.


nucanoe_adj_fiberglass_paddle_SM NuCanoe Adj Angler Fiberglass Paddle
Adjustable Fiberglass paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles. Includes a 40″ Angler measuring tape on the shaft.
Available in two sizes: 240-260cm & 260-280cm

nucanoe_adj_fg_transformer_paddle_SM NuCanoe Adj FG Transformer Paddle
Maximize your versatility with Accent’s Adjustable Transformer Paddle.
available in two sizes
nucanoe_standup_handle_SM NuCanoe Stand Up Handle
Stand up and sit down with ease.

nucanoe_elitekit_SM NuCanoe Elite Kit
Mutliply the functional of your Slide Mount or Slide Drawer by adding the Elite Kit.


nucanoe_flyrod_holder_SM NuCanoe Fly Rod Holder w/Screw Ball
Includes a 1.5″ Screwball for mounting the rod holder in the Freedom Track or a Mighty Mount.

nucanoe_frontier_slidemount_SM NuCanoe Frontier Slide Mount
Secure your choice of mounts & gear to the Slide Mount and then position it right where you want it on the Freedom Track.

nucanoe_pedpwr_SM NuCanoe H2Pro Drive Pedal Power
Built on the proven H2ProPed Pedal Drive System, the custom NuCanoe H2Pro Drive is optimized for the Frontier 12 or Pursuit, providing advanced functionality, performance, and control.


nucanoe_zooka_tube_SM NuCanoe Zooka Tube w/Screw Ball
Includes 1.5” Screwball for use in Freedom Track and Mighty Mounts.