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NuCanoe Paddles

NuCanoe paddles are custom made by Cannon Paddles for optimal performance on NuCanoe boats. They features the Wave blade for easier pull through the water and a large powerful blade face to maximum power.

Excellent Quality
NuCanoe paddles are made to last and will most likely be the only paddle you’ll ever need.

The Right Length
The Frontier is best powered by a longer than average paddle, and our paddles are sized specifically for the Frontier. For the Pursuit we recommend the Adjustable Paddle that allows you to dial in that perfect length to match the Multi-Height Seating System.

Choose your preferred shaft material…or be adventurous and go for the “do everything” Transformer Paddle.

nucanoe_260_280paddle_SM NuCanoe 260-280cm Adjustable Angler Transformer Paddle
260cm – 280cm adjustable kayak paddle, a SUP paddle, a stake out pole, or a push pole. Fiberglass shaft. Includes 40″ angler measuring tape on the shaft.


nucanoe_alumwave_paddle_SM NuCanoe Aluminum Wave Paddle
250 & 275cm Aluminum paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles

nucanoe_8160paddle_SM NuCanoe Wave Angler Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
Adjustable Fiberglass paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles.
Available in two lengths: 240-260cm and 260-280 cm