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Loon Fly Tying Recipes

Welcome to the Loon Fly Recipe page!

Loon_balanced_zach_attavck_damsel_fly_SM Loon Recipe - Balanced Zack Attack Damsel
Hook: TMC 52UFM C450BL size 12-14
Small beading pin
Loon_salmon_slammer_SM Loon Recipe - Salmon Slammer
Hook: Curved Dry Fly Hook
loon_stimi_fly_SM Loon Recipe - Stimi
Hook: 200 R
loon_wooly_worm_fly_SM Loon Recipe - Wooly Worm
Hook: #8 Wet Nymph Hook
Loon_yellowandpartridge_softhackle_fly_SM Loon Recipe - Yellow & Partridge Soft Hackle
Hook: #14 Wet Nymph Hook
Loon_beadhead_bunny_leech_SM Loon Recipe - Bead Head Bunny Leach
Hook: #6 Streamer Hook
Loon_griffiths_gnat_SM Loon Recipe - Griffiths Gnat
Hook: #18 Dry Fly Hook
Loon_hares_ear_nymph_SM Loon Recipe - Hare's Ear Nymph
Hook: #12 Wet Nymph Hook
Loon_mercersPTprince_fly_SM Loon Recipe - Mercer's PT Prince Fly
Hook: 3761