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Nautilus Classic X Reels

New for 2018! The Nautilus Classic X.

Reminiscent of the FWX Series and Featuring a full back frame reel like the traditional Nautilus reels, the class X offer the classoc Nautilus look while delivering the performance of the award-wining X-Series drag system.

Introduced as a limited edition of 500 reel, the Classic X comes in XM and XLMax sizes, and it comes standard with the Nautilus Hooker and custom black spool release. The Classic XM frame accepts the spools from the standard XM reels, and the Classic XLMax accepts both the XL and XLMaz spools from the standard XL and XLMax reels.

Available in Black and silver.

Pre-order for mid August.

Nautilus_classic_xm Nautilus Classic XM Fly Reel
$345.00 Be the first one to write a review
Nautilus_classic_xlmax Nautilus Classic XLMax Fly Reel
$435.00 Be the first one to write a review