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Abel Prosek Super 7 Wild Steelhead Ltd. Ed. 3

Wild steelhead, those sea-run rainbow trout that can rip line from a reel faster than a freight train, cause an angler’s heart to flutter and knees to buckle, will benefit from a collectors’ edition of 100 numbered Super 7 reels artistically anodized to replicate the endangered fish. Our steelhead reels, inspired by author/artist James Prosek, will include his laser engraved signature. The reel will be accompanied by a signed copy of Prosek’s book, Fly-Fishing the 41st Parallel.

We will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collectors’ edition reel to assist the efforts of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, Kirkland, Wash., to further their efforts in sponsoring and sustaining the Steelhead Summit Alliance. The organization has produced “position papers” on specific issues directly impacting wild steelhead.

These issues include habitat, harvest, hatcheries, hydropower, enforcement, education and research, according to Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D., past-president of the organization. For additional information on the Wild Steelhead Coalition, log on to www.wildsteelheadcoalition.com .

The collectors’ Edition Prosek signature steelhead reel by Abel including Fly-Fishing the 41st Parallel is priced at $1,000.

These finishes are still available on any Super Series or Big Game reels/spools for the standard prices.

No longer available.

Abel Prosek Super 7 Wild Steelhead Ltd. Ed. 3