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Abel Prosek Super 9 Atlantic Salmon Ltd. Ed. 4

This limited edition of 100 Super 9 fly reels is in a design inspired by artist and conservationist James Prosek. It will benefit the Atlantic Salmon Federation. Reels will be accompanied by a signed and numbered 11x14-inch gicleč print of an Atlantic salmon by Prosek. The print number will correspond to the reel number. The Atlantic salmon reel is the fourth in a series of Prosek-inspired works. All prior reels were quickly sold out. This series of Abel/Prosek reels has become the most collectable fishing tackle in recent memory.

Abel is donating reel #1 and gicleč print #1 to the Atlantic Salmon Federation for sale at auction. A gicleč print is an individually produced high resolution reproduction. A gicleč is superior to traditional lithography in that colors are brighter; they last longer, and are virtually a continuous tone rather than tiny dots.

The Abel Super 9 large arbor spool reel has a line capacity of a 9-weight line and 225 yards of 20-pound backing; or a 10-weight line and 175 yards of 30-pound Micron. Capacities are determined with weight-forward fly lines.

Prosek, who has authored and/or illustrated Trout an Illustrated History, Trout of the World, Joe and Me, Fly-Fishing the 41st Parallel, Early Love and Brook Trout and a children's book, A Good Day's Fishing, has been called the James Audubon of fish.

These finishes are still available on any Super Series or Big Game reels/spools for the standard prices.

No longer available.

Abel Prosek Super 9 Atlantic Salmon Ltd. Ed. 4