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Clear Cure Goo Kit - Syringe

No two tiers tie alike.

We HIGHLY recommend you purchase the Kit to start, then then add other products once you learn what you like.

The way the makers tie, and the products they like may not match your preferences. Take building a surf candy for example - , some people are building them with the Clear Cure Goo Thick, others with the Thin and some even use both of them.

Your kit comes with: 1 LED Light, 1 Syringe Clear Cure Goo Thick, 1 Syringe Clear Cure Goo Thin Syringe, 2 Tips

It is a great way to start out in the world of Light Cured Products.

To get started using the Clear Cure Goo, simply remove the black shipping caps with a counter clockwise twist, then put the orange tip that is included in the packaging on with a clockwise twist. You do the exact same thin if you have purchased the accessory tips and wish to swap them out. The safest way to store the Clear Cure Goo is to replace the Black Shipping Caps onto the syringes for long term storage.

Keep all Clear Cure Goo products preferably in the dark, like a closet or a drawer and keep the tempratures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celsius.

Using the Clear Cure Goo Syringe is similar to using a caulk gun. To get started just apply a minimal amount of pressure. This will start the material coming out of the tip. Material will continue to come out until one of two things happens. You relieve the pressure in the syringe by pulling back slightly on the piston OR enough material has come out of the syringe to even out the pressure on both sides of the syringe.

The Clear Cure Thin cures with a slight tacky feel to it. You can remove this by applying hand sanitizer ( 62% alcohol ) to it which will create a matte finish OR- you can apply a small layer of head cement or lacquer to it. I typically thin down my head cement to the tune of 2/3 head cement to 1/3 acetone. This allows the head cement to be applied in a very thin layer and aids in cutting down drying times.

Curing Times for both the Thick and the Thin materials is: 7-10 seconds

Clear Cure Goo Kit - Syringe