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Clear Cure Goo Flexible - Syringe

Wow... Just WOW!!

This is the Clear Cure Goo Flexible. It will revolutionize the way you tie and open doors to what you thought was impossible making it possible.

Tired of messing with Soft Tex or Silicone- Dont want to wait for it to dry. Clear Cure Goo Flexible is your answer. It cures in 10-12 seconds for the entire fly.

Think Soft Plastics... That is the quote that I keep hearing from customers. It is soft, chewy and supple.

I have making bass worm patterns with this stuff and it is awesome.

Studies have shown that a fish will hold on longer to a soft fly longer than it will to a hard one- So why not make this material a great tool in your tying arsenal.

The Clear Cure Flexible- cures with a slight tacky feel to it. You can remove this by applying hand sanitizer ( 62% alcohol ) to it which will create a matte finish OR- you can apply a small layer of head cement or lacquer to it. I typically thin down my head cement to the tune of 2/3 head cement to 1/3 acetone. If you are wondering if the head cement will make the Flexible, less flexible. It wont. It bonds beautifully to the Clear Cure Goo material and it will still be plenty flexible.

The Clear Cure Goo Flexible comes in a 10ml syringe

Recommended Curing Time: 15-20 seconds based on the amount of material applied.

Clear Cure Goo Flexible - Syringe

Requires Clear Cure Goo Light.