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Anvil Apex Vise

Shown above with optional bobbin rest (no included)

The Anvil Apex Fly Tying Vise sets the standard for a quality, American-made vise. The Apex features in line rotation with an easy to use rotary handle for 360 degree fly inspection. The Apex also features machined stainless steel construction, hardened, tool steel jaws with hook grooves and a material clip. The adjustable, tilting head allows for perfect angle settings no matter what seating position you are in or what size fly you are tying.

The Anvil Apex Fly Tying Vise includes a c-clamp and pedestal base, a feature not often found on the fly tying vise market today. This gives you the option of tying at home with a sturdy c-clamp or on the road with a convenient pedestal. One step hook placement with grooves in jaws, Jaws hold hooks from size 6/0 to 32, Material spring on head, Fully adjustable tilting head, Pedestal base 5 x 3.25 allows rotation and height adjustment. Adjustable clamp on pedestal allows for vertical or angled operation, G-Clamp allows rotation and height adjustment, G-Clamp fits surfaces up to 1.75 thick, Maximum height of vise is 8.

Top 10 features
  • 1. Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2. Tool steel jaws
  • 3. Compact
  • 4. 7/0 to 32 hooks
  • 5. Simple adjustment
  • 6. Rotary
  • 7. Infinitely adjustable tilt
  • 8. Simple lock up
  • 9. Pedestal base AND a C-Clamp
  • 10. Lifetime Warranty

  • Anvil Apex Vise