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UFM - Blados Crease Fly - Fire Tiger

So many ways to fish them, and so many types of fish to target. Reflective finish for visual and cupped face for noise. Try them for stripers, blues, false albacore, jack, tuna, etc.

Fishing the Crease Fly:

With floating line: If someone asked me what I favor in fishing, I would say, "Fishing a surface fly that will make a fish explode." And who wouldn’t? If fish are active on the surface, I use a floating line with the fly on the surface and vary the retrieve to make the subtle disturbance that often results in the water exploding around the fly. You can also use the tide to your advantage. Let the current do the work and simply add an occasional pop or two.

With intermediate line: Sometimes, depending on the time of year, time of day, water temperature, whatever, you’re just not going to catch fish on top. You can use the same fly with an intermediate line. This is especially effective from a boat. The fly starts on the surface and will dive some so it’s just below the surface by the time it reaches the boat. This has the added benefit that it keeps the fish from looking up at the boat and spooking. This technique works well on the flats where too much noise or popping can spook the fish out of the area.

With sinking line: Stripers can often be found cruising the edges where the bank drops off radically into navigable channels. In these or similar conditions, use a sinking line and cast the fly parallel to the bank or as close to the drop off as possible. Give the line time to sink. As the fly follows the belly of the line to the bottom, stop the retrieve occasionally and the fly will flutter up. This is a very effective way to cover the water column with a somewhat buoyant fly. Thanks to Nick Curcione and Dan Blanton, two West Coast veterans, for this idea.

Advantages of the Crease Fly keep popping up, proving the fly works in a wide variety of situations while using a wider variety of techniques. In mangroves down south or fishing the rock piles up north, my fly of choice is the same, the Crease Fly.

UFM - Blados Crease Fly - Fire Tiger

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