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Clear Cure Goo Brushable

The thought process behind creating the Clear Cure Goo Brushable was making a material you could use coating Crease Flies with and that it would smooth out rapidly once applied to such a fly.

The more we used this material the more uses we found for it. Perfect examples are when you are using an EZ Body fly and want to stiffen it up, or bonding mylar to foam as well as waterproofing flies such as the Ron Dong Crease Fly.

Finally how many times have you had wished you had a way to stop material from fouling without resorting to a mono loop or a wire peg. Try brusing this material lightly on DNA Fibers, Krystal Flash, Angel Hair, Sparkel Hair or any other fouling material. Bush a small amount on just past the hook bend and you will find that the Clear Cure Goo Brushable will keep the fibers out and away from the hook, but also is still very pliable and crushable.

The Clear Cure Goo Brushable comes in a 15ml Bush Top Bottle. It contains 5 more ml than the standard 10ml syringe.

Recommended Curing Time: 7-10 seconds

Clear Cure Goo Brushable
$16.25 $12.95 On Sale!

Requires Clear Cure Goo Light.