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Buff Pro-Series Fighting Work Glove


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Skoolin Azul

Buff®, globally known for technical and multifunctional headwear, proudly introduces their new line of Pro Series Angler Gloves. Crafted to enhance dexterity and grip, as well as provide the ultimate in ultra violet protection from the suns harmful rays. We welcome you to the new world of Buff® Handgear!

The Buff Fighting Work Gloves...the best all purpose fishing glove! It will provide you multipurpose fish handling, light wiring and leadering, grabbing large catches or bills, as well as removing hooks. Pole grip palm makes it ideal for poling and paddling.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor(UPF)
Measures the amount of Ultra Violet(UV) radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches your skin. A fabric rated with a UPF of 50 will allow only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays to pass through. Conversely, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the suns harmful UV rays. UPF 50+ is the highest possible rating, which is the level Buff® Pro Series Gloves tested out to. Samples of fabrics have been tested for UV protection by AlTEX and LEITAT-Textile Technology Institutes in accordance with the standard AS/NZS4399:1996 "Sun protective clothing-Evaluation and Classification."

  • UPF 50+ ultimate UV protection*
  • Aquatic suede durable in wet & dry conditions
  • Ergonomically designed for a natural curved hand position
  • Pole grip palm ideal for poling and padding
  • Agler 3/4 cut on first three fingers for dexterity
  • Full finger coverage on the last two for added protection
  • Adjustable hook & loop closure
  • Easy-off finger pulls
  • Four sizes available to fit most hands

  • Buff Pro-Series Fighting Work Glove
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