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DVD - Nervous Water

RA Beattie has set the bar in fly fishing film making, in my opinion. His film work is exquisite and there is footage on this DVD that people would kill to have. The four main films were Nervous water, First Descent Alaska, Bird Chasers, and Slovenia on the fly. All four are great and the footage in nervous water is out of this world but, the First Alaska Descent was my personal favorite. Maybe because RA had the daunting task of picking a soundtrack that set the tone for this movie and used Trolls Cottage and that, unless you have never heard of them, speaks volumes about the man’s taste and upbringing! Overall the entire DVD is great and a welcome addition to any collection for both non fishers and Hardcore fly fisherman alike.

Includes the following chapters: Nervous Water, Slovenia on the Fly, First Descent Alaska, Bird Chasers: the False Albacore Junkies of North Carolina, & award-winning short films - Angling addiction, Kate and Mark, Stream of Consciousness, & Green Screen. Also contains short films NC Redfish, Desert Bass, Permit and Bonefish, Wyoming Carp, Black Drum & Cutties in Wyoming.

DVD - Nervous Water