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Daiichi 7131 Double Salmon Hook

Two hooks in one lure is an old trick to successfully catch more fish! This double hook is produced from one piece of wire doubled back in the shank of the hook where it is brazed together. The wire diameter and shape of this hook connotes a "low water" style of salmon hook. This is a traditional hook for salmon, though some salmon fisheries now restrict the use of double hooks. As a fishing tool, double hooks have twice the weight of a similar sized single hook and the two hooks bends at 90 degrees from each other are said to be effective "keels" for some flies, keeping them upright.

Limerick bend, loop up-eye, forged, black finish
Uses: Salmon Doubles

Sz 4 - 5pc
Sz 6 - 6pc
Sz 8 - 6pc
Sz 10 - 6pc
Sz 12 - 6pc

Daiichi 7131 Double Salmon Hook