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D - 12 Color Senyo's Laser Yarn Dispenser

A unique custom mix that Hareline has developed with fly designer Greg Senyo. Great for eggs, sculpin, muddler heads, nymph thorax, tails, wings, bodies, collars, and veils. A mix of Ice Dub and 3/4"-1" acrylic staple fiber. A must for Salmon/Steelhead patterns.

12 color dispenser with original dozen, or new dozen

Original (DUB30) top picture = Black, Brown, Fl Blue, Fl Chartreuse, Fl Fuchsia, Fl Hot Orange, Grey, Hot Pink, Olive, Purple, Tan, White
New (DUB31) at right = Dark Tan, Green Chartreuse, Lavender, Light Olive, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Red, Rusty Bronze, Sculpin Olive, Shrimp Pink, Silver Minnow Belly, Yellow

D - 12 Color Senyo's Laser Yarn Dispenser