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Tied by Dave Skok - Boyle's Albie Fly - White/Tan

In stock flies have Gold/Pearl tail and Silver Eye

TMC 800S
From Dave: Jamie Boyle's flashy little E-Z Body albie fly was inspired by the late Jack Gartside's Corsair minnow imitations. It never fouls and lands like a feather. They measure just shy of 3" (7.5cm) and come with mixed Flashabou tails and an epoxy head on a trustworthy #4 TMC 800S hook. Feel free to trim or thin the tail when the fish are being picky due to tiny bait or extra-calm conditions. Good for many species: false albacore, Atlantic bonito, Spanish macks, stripers, snook, jacks and just about anything else that preys on small minnows.

You receive 1 fly for $9.99.

Tied by Dave Skok - Boyle's Albie Fly - White/Tan