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Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 8'8" 4wt

3.1 oz
Action: Medium fast. Fast recovery.

If you consider the 9’5wt a “gateway” fly rod on the road towards obsession, then the Beulah 8’8” 4wt Platinum would be a sign you have reached full blown, trout bum status.

This very well may be the most coveted Platinum single hander here at Beulah. A good 4 weight can be so versatile in the world of trout fishing and this could be the rod! 8’8” is an excellent length whether target shooting or distance is needed. This fly rod loads crisp and quickly with as little as 5’ of line out of the tip and covers flies from #22 Midges to #6 Golden Stones with ease. If you are searching for the perfect 4 weigh, you’re search ends here. Every outing is a vacation with a 4 weight this good!

Our Platinum 4 weight offers a nickel silver reel seat with stabilized Maple burl wood insert, reverse half wells grip w/ inlays that Beulah is known for, high quality salt water safe stripping guide and light wire chrome over stainless steel snake guides. Of course we went with 4 color windings. After all a Beulah is not a Beulah until the performance is wrapped in art!

Designed For:
This rod was designed for use on spring creeks, high mountain lakes or anywhere you see a trout rise. In fact it goes well in a golf bag and makes the water hazards a lot more fun. This rod will be excellent to use for small to medium size trout and panfish using a variety of fishing methods such as dry flies, wet flies or weighted nymphs.

Fly Line Recommendations:
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Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 8'8" 4wt